Y: The Last Man Is Coming To TV

One of the biggest problems with comic book movies like The Avengers or Batman v Superman these days—or the problem with most of the entertainment industry at large, really—is that there still aren’t a whole lot of awesome roles for female characters, especially compared to the amount of roles there are for men.

You know what would be a great way to solve that? By killing off all the men in the world at the same time.

No no no, kidding, totally kidding! Everyone knows that would be a horrific tragedy that would cause utter chaos! And the reason why we know that is because that’s exactly the premise of Y: The Last Man, a dystopian comic series by Brian K. Vaughn in which every male creature on Earth dies at once (except for one guy and his pet monkey), leaving the remaining women to figure out how to continue the human race. It’s one of the most critically acclaimed comic book of the last twenty years, and now it’s finally, finally looking like the series will be adapted into a TV show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, FX is currently developing an ongoing series based on the comic book along with Vaughn and “The Hunger Games” producers Brad Simpson and Nina Jacobson. The comic almost got a movie adaptation in 2007 and later in 2012, but it didn’t work out and the rights reverted back to Vaughn. But a TV series would be a great fit for the 60-issue long comic, and given the amount of comic book adaptations currently in development it might finally be “Y: The Last Man’s” time to shine!

And all joking aside, there are a lot of complicated, fascinating characters in the series, all of whom (except one, the main protagonist Yorrick) happen to be women. Like Agent 355, a bad-secret U.S. government agent who knits in her spare time! Or Doctor Allison Mann, a cynical lesbian geneticist who hopes to save the world via cloning! Or the Fish and Bicycle traveling theater troupe, a group of women putting on all-female productions of Shakespeare! If you love The Walking Dead but think it needs less zombies, less Rick, and more Michonne and Carol and Beth and Maggie, you’re going to totally love this show.

Now, let’s just cross out fingers it actually happens becomes a reality this time!