The New X-Files Trailer Is Out There


On Sunday (October 8), fans of The X-Files were treated to a panel at New York Comic-Con featuring creator Chris Carter, along with stars Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, and learn that their very special guests had no intention of sharing any actual information (“we can’t really say much of anything,” said Pileggi), they were treated to a mysterious new trailer that offers several intriguing hints regarding season 11:

In spite of the heightened sense of secrecy, Carter offered some relatively substantial clues. For one, he explained that the new season takes a closer look at the personal relationship between Mulder and Scully (“they get kissin’ close”) and he promised that “you’ll see more of William than you have in a long time.” Fans of the legendary Home episode will also be happy to learn that episode six of the new season is similarly “messed up” and one of the new episodes features an appearance by Karen Konoval—in a brand new role. Carter also said you can expect yet another cliffhanger at season’s end, prompting one of Duchovny’s signature wisecracks. “Knowing the way Chris likes to name characters, I’m surprised there hasn’t been one named Cliff Hanger,” he said. “Special Agent Cliff Hanger.”

Aside from that, the panelists had little to say about the new season, but they did speculate a little further into the future. Carter suggested that another movie could still happen (“never say never”) and he also inferred that more seasons might be on the way, as there is “still a lot of life left in the show.” But before any of that happens, you’ll have to watch season 11—when The X-Files returns to CTV early next year—and judge for yourself. In the meantime, check out the trailer above.