X-Files Recap: Mulder And Scully Remind Us They’re Leaving In Nothing Lasts Forever

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If you like your X-Files bloody, this week’s penultimate series episode was probably a season highlight. “Nothing Lasts Forever” opens on a scene in an operating room, but it’s immediately obvious that something isn’t right. When the “surgeon” in charge cranks open the “patient’s” torso with a medieval-looking tool, you know this procedure isn’t the kind that medicaid covers. It’s organ theft—but it’s not even the kind we’re familiar with (the tip off? probably that whole licking the pancreas thing). The operation doesn’t go quite as planned though, when a vigilante who’s part Jessica Jones, part X-Men’s Archangel disrupts the procedure to drive stakes through the hearts of the medical team.

While some of the harvesters make their escape, the choice organs (heart, lungs) are left in the hands of our anti-hero who drops them off at a hospital with the promise to “repay.” When Mulder and Scully are called in, they aren’t even certain that this is an X-Files case, but a missing liver and a missing sister put them on the trail of a cult—one obsessed with youth and the reversal of the aging process. Think this isn’t a thing? This is a very real thing.


Upon meeting the villain at the head of this bloody cult, Orphan Black fans will be reminded of PT Westmorland’s fifth season quest to live forever. This is that, but more rudimentary (read: way bloodier). Instead of genetic manipulation, we get organ smoothies and old guys stitching themselves to young women. But unlike PT’s experiments, this method looks like it’s actually working—for Barbara Beaumont, at least. Beaumont is a Gentlemen Prefer Blondes-era star who looks like she’s still 35.

Mulder and Scully plant a tracking device in the heart left at the hospital and when it’s stolen, it leads them directly to cult HQ. There they meet Barbara (still basking in her former fame) and her followers (including our vigilante’s missing sister). Ambushed by the cult, Scully is tossed down a dumbwaiter full of garbage (Mulder’s first words to her when he finds out she survived the four-storey fall? “You stink.”)


Mulder is rescued by the Organ Vigilante, who’s religious mission is completed when she stakes Barbara through the heart. She knows she’s going to jail, but she’s cool with it since it means her sister will be un-sewn from the old man who’s been leeching her youth/blood.

After surviving all that pseudo-medical mayhem, we’re treated to a sweet scene (in church, no less) in which Mulder and Scully seem to decide that they’re going to give this whole “being together” thing another shot (in practical terms, Scully’s house did burn down last week, so she does need a place to stay). Are we really getting a “Scully + Mulder = 2gether 4ever” ending? There’s still one more final (like, for real final) episode to come… which means it’s impossible to say.