Wynonna Earp Recap: Introducing The Newest Demon-Fighter In Purgatory

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“What do you want from me?” screams Wynonna during her first encounter with the demons that loiter around her hometown of Purgatory—a mere five minutes into the debut episode of Wynonna Earp.

Wynonna is late for a funeral, her uncle’s. The official story is that he died of a stroke. But then why was his head ripped clean from his body? Just like that girl on the bus with Wynonna.

Thing is, no one in Purgatory wants to talk about what happened. Even the musclebound ranch hand who found Wynonna’s uncle isn’t eager to return to the scene of the crime. Soon enough, Wynonna is reunited with her sister, Waverly and the two of them begin to work out their issues, namely the Earp family curse. Wynonna doesn’t want to talk about it (or her great great grandfather Wyatt Earp’s famous gun, The Peacemaker). But the recent, unexplainable activity that’s flared up in her hometown forces her hand.

When US Marshall Dolls (Black Badge Division) shows up asking questions (like, ‘Will you come work for me and fight demons?’) Wynonna decides she wants answers after all, for herself and her sister, at least. Turns out that whole thing about the Earp curse/gift is true—and unavoidable. With Wyatt’s gun in hand, Wynonna… goes on a drinking binge. But then! She runs into a… dirty guy who crawled out of a well. But then! He turns out to be someone from the Earp family’s past—and things get a lot more interesting.

After her aunt is attacked and her sister kidnapped, Wynonna turns to Agent Dolls who tells her that Waverly is being held and/or killed by demons as they speak (although the official report says ‘coyotes’). Using all the cash she has (aka her ‘get the hell out of Purgatory’ fund), Wynonna buys herself a sweet new motorcycle and rides to Waverly’s rescue.

She arrives to find her sister hanging in there (literally) and surrounded by Revenants—the term for the town’s specific brand of demonic undead. Their ringleader was hung by Wyatt in 1866 and now plans to do the same to his great great granddaughter.  And here’s where the full horror of the Earp curse comes to light: each time an heir turns 27, the Revenants vanquished by the previous heirs are resurrected—back to Purgatory. The ones that are holding Waverly want one thing in exchange for her life: The Peacemaker.

Wynonna outsmarts them (one healthy brain is better than three rotting ones) and sends the Revenant ringleader back to hell, with apparent help from agent Dolls. But after saving her and her sister, he blackmails Wynonna into helping him put each and every demon in Purgatory back into the ground, which is how she becomes Deputy Earp.

However, it wasn’t Dolls who fired the shot that saved Waverly and Wynonna… it was the stranger from the bar—the one that seemed to know an awful lot about Wyatt Earp and his friend Doc Holliday.