It’s Wynonna Gone Wild(er) In The New Wynonna Earp Season 3 Trailer


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Saddle up, Earpers, Wynonna is back for another hard-drinking, demon-killing season of Wild West weirdness—and from this latest Earp clip, we’d say things have gotten a bit extra in Purgatory. Oh! And a local watering hole seems to have invested in a new mechanical bull?

That’s… probably a bad idea, considering Wynonna’s penchant for whiskey and whiskey-related messiness. But heroes aren’t perfect, and considering what she went through last season (the whole fighting witches and demons and monsters and devils while pregnant thing) we’d say Wynonna deserves to let loose.

Unfortunately, the cesspool of evil that is the Ghost River Triangle isn’t on board with granting our hero some downtime—besides, who’d wanna watch that anyway? An entirely new crop of disgusting is ready to greet the Earp girls and their allies in Season 3, and we can’t wait to see how many holes Peacemaker can put in them.

Wynonna Earp returns on July 20 at 9e 6p.