Wynonna Earp Season 3 Is Almost Here—And We Have The Photos To Prove It


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As you may have read on social media (insert shameless Twitter plug here), Wynonna Earp is set to return to Space on July 20—nearly a year after Season 2 left us on the edge of our seats and wondering what Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) will do now that she’s given birth, given her baby away and decided to pay her mother a long overdue visit.

The 12-episode third season will kick off at 9e 6p and feature Dark Matter’s Zoie Palmer, singer-songwriter Jann Arden, and Reign’s Megan Follows as Jolene, council woman Bunny Loblaw, and enigmatic mama bear Michelle Earp, respectively. Long-time cast members Tim Rozon (Doc Holliday), Shamier Anderson (Agent Xavier Dolls), Dominique Provost-Chalkley (Waverly Earp), Katherine Barrell (Nicole Haught) and Carters Varun Saranga (Jeremy Chetri) will also return.

As is to be expected with a show as twisty and plot-driven as Wynonna, showrunner Emily Andras is keeping all Season 3 story details tightly under wraps. But that doesn’t mean she’s not willing to throw us a bone or two in the lead up to Wynonna‘s return. Earlier today, Entertainment Weekly released some exclusive character photos—and the old gang is back and better than ever.


A post-pregnancy Wynonna is back in her natural habitat—at Shorty’s, shooting pool. Baby daddy Doc Holliday is right alongside her, gun drawn and ready to strike at the first sign of danger.


Jeremy, who was first introduced in Season 2, returns for Season 3 and is apparently willing to step it up in the weapons department after relying on his intellect to keep himself alive all of last year.


In case you were worried, Waverly and Nicole are clearly still together and cuter than ever.


And Dolls still looks like his cool, calm and collected self (we’re not sure how he hasn’t had an emotional breakdown yet).


The only Season 3 picture we’re confused about is this last one, of a brand new (and very mysterious) character named Kate (Chantel Riley). Who is Kate? Why is she sitting next to a sign that says ‘Tarot Readings’? And most importantly, how will she either help or hurt Wynonna in her quest to break the Earp curse?


We still have a ways to go until the July 20 Season 3 premiere, so until then we urge you to overanalyse these photos and let the speculations (however far-fetched) begin.