Demons Beware: Wynonna Earp Is Back In A New Season 2 Trailer

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“Wynonna’s not a flowers and chocolate kind of girl.”

Fans of Wynonna Earp know that truer words have never been spoken. Wynonna is back for a second season (catch up with the first one starting April 15, in case you slept on it) and the newest trailer proves that the heir to the Earp curse/gift is still more into guns and demon-killing than bouquets and bon bons. We once tried tallying up the number of shots she fires off in an episode and quickly lost count.

As we head into season two (which just wrapped up filming in Calgary), it looks as though Wynonna and her sister Waverly are working together as a well-oiled machine, taking on the town of Purgatory’s demonic population like it’s their job (which, thanks to their lineage, it kinda is).

But there are also hints at some possible, less likely pairings in store for future episodes. The show is excellent at teaming up characters who you’d never imagine working together–all in the name of vanquishing demons (or just saving their own skins).

Hey, as long as WayHaught remains intact, we’re cool with whichever way the showrunners want to mix up alliances in the coming season.

Season 2 of Wynonna Earp debuts on June 9, and you can catch up on the entire first season beginning April 15. Till then, check out the new clip below: