Wynonna Earp Season Finale Recap: I Hope You Dance Right Out Of Purgatory

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It was so awesome to see everyone get their happy ending in the Season 2 finale of Wynonna Earp. Oh, wait. Wrong show. The Season 2 finale was actually devastating (with a handful of bright spots).

Team Earp managed to dispatch the Widows at the top of the episode, thanks to a single witch-forged bullet and Doc’s sharp shooting skills. We won’t be missing those two (although we were pretty into Mercedes’ last-minute Frozen makeover).

No sooner do the Widows get their well-deserved end than Wynonna goes into labour. Luckily, she’s right outside a hospital. Just kidding. She’s at Shorty’s and she’s going to have to give birth on a pool table while fending off Rosita, who’s decided she can’t trust Wynonna not to use Peacemaker on her.

To be fair, Wynonna did say she was going to use Peacemaker on her. In a strange turn of events, Waverly is able to temporarily fire the gun. She doesn’t kill Rosita, but she does stop her from using Wynonna’s baby as an insurance policy.

The big Revenant revelation is that Bobo is not Waverly’s father (though he still claims to be related to her). As For Wynonna’s baby, the father is definitely Doc.

Waverly tests the Ghost River Triangle’s power over both herself and the baby by gingerly stepping over the boundary line. Neither one of the burn to ashes, so that’s cool.

That means that Wynonna can get her daughter, the next Earp heir, out of Purgatory to some place safe (to be raised by Aunt Gus). Baby’s first helicopter ride comes courtesy of mega-rich Perry. What a great guy.

Back on the streets of Purgatory, there’s a massive cleanup going on. Wynonna and Dolls (who can breathe fire apparently?) take out a horde of Revenants while Doc and Jeremy (who might have some interesting special powers of his own) deal with Bobo, sealing him up in the same well where Doc spent so many years.

That still leaves the demon Clootie, though (aka Balshasar). Wynonna was warned he’d come back—her mother told her. And now Wynonna’s gone to ask her what to do about it.

5 questions we have about the Season 2 finale

1. What happened to Rosita and where will she go now that she’s betrayed Wynonna and Waverly?

2. Doc and Wynonna: is it back on? That kiss at the end of the episode seemed to hint that it might be.

3. How has Wynonna been communicating with her mother this whole time? Email?

4. Nicole has an entire file on Balshasar… where did that come from and who gave it to her? What does she know about him? Enough to look seriously worried, that’s for sure.

5. What is Dolls? What is the Black Badge doing to its recruits? And is The Order a part of it?