Wynonna Earp Recap: Dirt Naps And A Whiskey Lullaby

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Thanks to a guy called the Clockmaker (Hypnos for short), there’ll be no time for knitting booties in Purgatory this week—despite Wynonna’s accelerated pregnancy. Taking the Clockmaker’s daughter hostage, the Widows force him to put the entire town into a deep dirt nap, causing everyone in Purgatory to pass out mid… whatever it was they were doing at the time. For some people, the situation is more embarrassing than for others. We see you, Doc.

The Widows’ plan is to buy themselves more time to find the second seal (turns out there’s three, not one). With everyone unconscious, the job becomes easier. What they didn’t count on was the Heir’s ability to sleep one off and then get up and go back to hunting demons like it’s NBD. Once Wynonna is up (props to Peacemaker), she wakes Dolls, Waverly, Doc, and Jeremy (we’re dealing with time and space, so you’re going to need a math guy) to help her track down the Widows.

The mission would be easier if Wynonna didn’t have to make several key pitstops (let’s call them Doc and Dolls) to break the news about her fast-forwarded, now completely unhideable pregnancy. At least she slept through morning sickness?

Initially, Dolls is cool about it (he’s in love with Wynonna after all). Then suddenly, he isn’t. Doc has the opposite reaction: he doesn’t take the news so well, but then he steps up to tell Wynonna that he’s all in. Aw. Do demon hunters get parental leave? Probably not—especially now that BBD has cut their squad loose.

While Nicole heads to the homestead to free the Clockmaker’s daughter (where twisted Tucker has her trying on Waverly’s cheerleading outfit for a creepy, nonconsensual round of role playing), Wynonna makes a break for Shorty’s where she finds Waverly, Doc, and Jeremy unconscious and the Widows smashing the second seal. She wounds the one wearing Mercedes with Peacemaker, but they get away.

The episode ends with a bunch of cliffhangers, including Tucker’s second story plate glass window dive (did he live?), Hypnos’ death (at Dolls’ insistence), his daughter’s disappearance, and a reappearance from the Stone Witch… or the head part of her anyway.

5 questions we have about this week’s episode

1. Wynonna’s pregnancy seems to have decided how the love triangle between her, Doc, and Dolls is going to play out—but why does Dolls have to be such a jerk about it?

2. Parker is pure evil and all but what was his specific reason for beheading the Stone Witch?

3. Will there be consequences for what Dolls and Wynonna did to Hypnos? He seemed like an okay guy (even if he was technically a demon).

4. Hypnos told Wynonna that her baby is special—it was the only thing to age while the entire town slept. Has the baby inherited its mother’s curse, or its fathers?

5. Is The Order’s special commemorative plate the third seal?