Wynonna Earp Recap: We’re Floored By The Season 3 Double Finale


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Earpers had no idea what they were in for when the double finale landed Friday night with back-to-back episodes “Daddy Lessons” and “War Paint.” Would Bulshar be vanquished? Would humanity be saved? Would Waverly sacrifice herself for the rest of us? Our heads are still spinning.

The penultimate episode began with Waverly bringing Charlie back to life after Doc made him his lunch. She can now add ‘powers of resurrection’ to her CV. But it’s a good thing that Charlie is back, because with Purgatory all but evacuated, Team Earp needs all hands on deck.


Wynonna puts Charlie in charge of Waverly, making him promise to get her out of the Ghost River Triangle before the apocalypse hits. They don’t make it. Instead, they end up in the greenhouse again, where Waverly’s ring reminds Charlie of who he really is: Julian, the amnesiac angel (and Waverly’s true father). Bobo is going to be so jealz.

When Nicole is badly hurt by one of Bulshar’s beekeepers, Charlie/Julian steps in to save her. It takes so much out of him that when he has to go up against Bulshar to save Wynonna, he doesn’t have a lot left. Just as she was getting to know him, Waverly loses her father again. This means war.


While the fighting rages on (including one dinner party skirmish where Wynonna finds out that Bulshar is scared of her), Wynonna rallies the Revenants around her to fight together as an army (their curse, after all, is tied to hers). With the Revheads on her side, there’s only one question left: whose side is Doc on? Even though he helps save Nicole, he’s become hard to trust (which is why Wynonna traps him inside a circle of holy water and leaves him in the barn).

Realizing that she can’t risk losing everyone she loves, Wynonna drugs all of Team Earp except Waverly, and the two sisters head towards the Garden gates to face off with Bulshar who has made himself mortal using Wynonna’s blood. Stealing past the beekeepers using a serum Jeremy cooked up, Wynonna and Waverly confront Bulshar (who’s on his way back to being a snake). As an angel Waverly has the power to choose a hero, and she tosses Wynonna a new weapon with which to defeat him. The two fight and Wynonna drives her flaming sword through Bulshar’s heart, but he bites her before he dies. The Earp curse is broken, but Wynonna has been poisoned with Bulshar’s venom. That’s when it comes in handy to have a vampire on your team. They really suck.


Having saved Wynonna, Doc does what she cannot: he follows Waverly up the stairs and through the gates to the Garden. Wynonna is left alone. Heading back home, she finds the house empty so she does the only thing she can do… she heads to the bar. There, she finds Sheriff Nedley and together, they decide to save their friends’ butts.

5 questions we have about this week’s finale:

1. Where did Nicole, Jeremy, and Robin go? Why didn’t they wait at home for Wynonna and Waverly to return?

2. When Wynonna returns to the homestead, she finds the name ‘Valdez’ carved into her wall—who is Valdez?

3. Those tree roots that pulled Waverly into the Garden didn’t look very friendly. Is Paradise not all it’s cracked up to be?

4. How could Doc walk through the wall blocking the stairs to the Garden when Wynonna couldn’t?

5. If the Earp curse is truly broken, can Wynonna and Doc raise their child in peace? Like, if he ever makes it back out of the Garden?