Wynonna Earp Recap: The Other Woman, The Same Trouble


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Can you trust a woman called Kevin? We wanted to give her a chance but Kevin, who hangs out in hazmat suits and sends Earps on pointless missions to recover undead appendages, has proved less than trustworthy. And she’s asked the Earp sisters to make an astounding sacrifice. With Peacemaker in Bulshar’s possession and a door to the Garden of Eden about to open (thanks a lot, moon), Wynonna and her squad are desperate to find another way to stop him. Turns out that Bulshar, before he was Bulshar, was the snake from that story in the bible. You know the one.

And so they trust Kevin, who even hot, dumb Charlie (RIP) thinks is sketchy. She sends them into a uranium mine to get Bulshar’s arm which she says is a solution but is really just a test. Waverly’s defeat of the radioactive Revenant who’s currently wearing Bulshar’s arm proves that her angel half is strong. And that ring on her hand? It was originally her father’s, not Bulshar’s. Cool!


Except the arm is not a weapon—Waverly is. Only she can seal the gate to the Garden of Eden and prevent all of humanity from being obliterated by Bulshar. The catch? She’ll turn to stone when she does it. It’s a terrible deal and Wynonna is not pleased. But they don’t have a lot of time to weigh the pros (humankind survives) and cons (humankind… survives). Bulshar has been waiting for a rare eclipse to make his move. And it’s tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Doc and the only friend he has left (Nicole) are tracking down a sacred text that Bobo says is in the possession of Maeve, an old witch friend of Doc’s. The only problem is that she’s long been dead (burnt at the stake) and is looking for a fresh body to possess. She wants that in exchange for the book. After trying on both Nicole and Jeremy, Maeve disappears in a flash of fiery anger when Doc pulls the book out of the hearth ashes. It feels like a win until the house goes up in flames and Doc has to be rescued by Charlie, whom he promptly bites/kills.


And so Doc has alienated his last friend—when Nicole sees what he’s done, she tells him to leave and says that if she ever sees him again, she’ll kill him (she’s got the wooden bullets to back up her promise, too). The strange thing is that Doc doesn’t seem the least bit upset. But Mercedes does.

5 questions we have about this week’s episode:

1. So Wynonna and Doc are definitely over, right? Because how could she ever forgive him for killing Charlie?

2. After Doc walked away from Nicole for the last time, he grinned. Who is he now?

3. Who took Mercedes? Hasn’t that woman been through enough??

4. What is Jeremy? When Maeve possessed him, she said his body itched, because it wasn’t pure human. So… what else could he be?

5. If Maeve wanted a fresh body so badly, why didn’t she take Charlie’s? He died right outside her house…