Wynonna Earp Recap: What If We Can’t Undo It?


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In an episode that echoes Doctor Who’s “Heaven Sent,” Wynonna finds herself trapped in a loop where she must work to free Doc from being buried alive by running through the same set of obstacles over and over again. It’s Bulshar’s device, meant to break her so that she willingly hands over Peacemaker—the tarot cards’ Tower and his key into the garden of paradise. But this is Wynonna Earp we’re talking about. She’s unbreakable…until you threaten the people she loves.

Caught up, at first, in a love daze with Doc, Wynonna is made to forget all about her battle with Bulshar and instead focuses on spooning her man in the barn and basking in that post-sex glow. But the magic of Peacemaker isn’t about to let her forget her mission. A few sharp zaps and she remembers—but Bulshar has more (less pleasant) magic to work on her. The next illusion is like a video game, with Wynonna dying over and over again in an effort to keep Doc from being buried alive beneath the floorboards of the homestead. Finally, she frees him…only to lose everything again after thinking that she and Doc had beat Bulshar at his cruel game.


This proves to be more than Wynonna can take, and she’s finally broken down by Bulshar’s bullsh*t. When she wakes up in the woods beside Doc with a worried Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy standing over them, Doc immediately knows what she’s sacrificed to (temporarily) save them all from Bulshar’s threats: her gun, Peacemaker.

On the upside, Mercedes got her face back! Which means that ring stuck forever on Waverly has more than one use (the other one being demon face-melting).


5 questions we have about this week’s episode:

1. Without Peacemaker, what weapons does Team Earp have to fight Bulshar with?

2. Waverly’s new accessory melts demon faces and heals humans—what could it do to Bulshar?

3. How did Jeremy know where Wynonna and Doc were in the woods? Did he… smell them?

4. Has Michelle made any progress in her search for Julian? Has he been chilling in the garden of paradise this whole time?

5. Bulshar keeps saying that his fate is linked with Wynonna’s. What else could that mean, besides the fact that he needed her to get into Eden?