Wynonna Earp Recap: Waiting Forever For You, Vampire-Style


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Doc is a coffin-sleeping, blood-sucking, friend-biting vampire and no one’s happy about it— least of all Robin, who gets bit on the job while picking up litter in the forest. Doc’s hunger may have temporarily blinded him, but at least he was gentlemanly enough to bring Jeremy’s new boyfriend down to the station so he could have his wound tended to. The bite, however, isn’t Robin’s only problem—he’s also hearing tree voices, licking tubers, and chanting in the Earp barn, shirtless. As the new guy, Robin’s had a tough go of it so far. But, like, welcome to Purgatory—where there’s no rest for the wicked OR the angelic.

Speaking of, the ring that’s been following Nicole around (the one that used to grace Sheriff Clootie’s finger) has found its true home: on Waverly, where it sticks like glue and self-engraves with the phrase “Garden of Paradise.” Hmm, does this have anything to do with Wav’s angelic lineage? We’d guess yes. As a bonus, the ring appears to give Waverly some superpowers. She tosses Constance Clootie, the Stone Witch, clear across the barn (to be fair, Constance is a charred husk of the witch she once was).


Wynonna has been grappling with the fact that her on again/off again SO has returned to the land of the undead. Doc is a vampire and everyone is about to find out (biting Robin: BIG clue). Wynonna decides it’s time for a reckoning so she has her booty call, Charlie, distract Doc while she pays a visit to Kate.

A whiskey fueled-showdown reveals that Kate and Doc had a run-in with Clootie back in Wyatt’s day. Clootie wanted Kate to read his tarot cards. For a very good reason (i.e. because the fate of humanity might hang in the balance?), she didn’t. Clootie, now Bulshar, has been searching for the card that reveals his future ever since. Now he’s found it.


Since Wynonna’s future is tied up with Bulshar’s, Tarot Kate and Team Earp deduce that it’s the entrance into the Garden of Eden that he’s after. Robin, connected with the trees in the forest that are being forced to do the demon’s bidding, has heard through the, err, tree vine that Bulshar has found the garden. It’s here in Purgatory and he’s closing in on it. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that Doc and Wynonna have come to an understanding: he became a vampire for her—to protect her and her daughter and all future Earps. She forgives him and they agree to work as a team once again. But there’s more bad news, too. Bulshar’s in the Earp barn and he’s brought some magic dust with him. Cross your fingers that Wynonna and Doc took their Benadryl that morning.


5 questions we have about this week’s episode:

1. Who else’s mind is blown by the idea that the demonic Ghost River Triangle has actually been a facade for the biblical Garden of Eden this whole time?

2. What’s with Bulshar’s ring getting stuck on Waverly’s finger? Is it her angel heritage coming of age?

3. Is this the last we’re going to see of Doc’s vampire wife? Because we were really beginning to like her.

4. We finally know the aim of Bulshar’s pet project: find and get himself into the Garden of Eden—but then what?

5. What was that evil pixie dust Bulshar blew into Wynonna and Doc’s faces? What will it do to them? What will HE do to them?