Wynonna Earp Recap: I Fall To Pieces, Waverly Puts Them Back Together


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Garden gnomes are a true landscaping abomination. So are their undead husbands. Confused? Then you obviously missed this week’s episode of Wynonna Earp, in which Wynonna and Nicole initially completely suck at working as a team but pull it together by the end (with help from Jeremy and Waverly). Having been tasked by Nedley to rifle through his cabinet of Ghost River Triangle curiosities, Wynonna and Nicole manage to smash a bunch of artifacts and unleash bad luck and a very dusty old killer gnome.

The gnome man scares the daylights out of Bunny Loblaw (the racist homophobe who has final say on whether or not Nicole gets to take over for Nedley) and that leads to her being kidnapped by big city frat boys and taken to a Revenant biker bar (only in Purgatory!). So it’s Wynonna and Nicole to the rescue. Sort of. They get the frat boys and Bunny to safety, but the drinking contest they challenge the bikers to is busted as a scam. The only reason the two women don’t end up the main course at a Revenant BBQ is because the gnome shows up looking for his wife and scissors some bikers to death.


Quick-thinking Waverly realizes that a lady garden gnome was among the relics that Nicole and Wynonna smashed, so she and Jeremy quickly reassemble the thing and soothe the gnome husband. Unfortunately, Nedley’s collection wasn’t the only thing going to pieces. Since Bobo traded info about Julian for his freedom, Michelle has become obsessed with finding him. She uses Doc to gather the things she needs for her search and leaves the Triangle without saying goodbye to her daughters—except for a couple of handwritten notes. Wynonna’s says not to trust Doc. He’s not who he says he is.

When he shows up at the Earp Homestead to give Wynonna Bulshar’s ring, she asks him. At first, he’s evasive and gentlemanly. But by now, Wynonna knows exactly how to push Doc’s buttons. She slaps him in the face a bunch of times and his vampire anger finally comes out—confirming what Wynonna likely already suspected. And that’s when she banishes him from her home.


5 questions we have about this week’s episode:

1. Michelle is hell bent on finding Julian, who Bobo claims Ward exiled from the Ghost River Triangle back when Waverly was born. So where has he been all this time? Don’t they have phones there?

2. Can we please never ever see Bunny Loblaw again? We prefer Revenant bikers to her.

3. Why did Nedley wait so long to tell Nicole that he was the one who saved her from the Cult of Bulshar? This happy little reunion could have happened an entire season ago!

4. Gnome wives? Cursed mirrors? What the hell else does Nedley have in his cabinet of Purgatory curiosities?

5. Where’s Bobo?