Wynonna Earp Recap: If We Make It Through December…It’ll Be January


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It’s Christmas in August for Earpers this week as Wynonna and her newly reformed family celebrate the holidays with—what else?—demonic beekeepers, vampires, and Bulshar. Oh, and fire up your hot glue guns because there’s an adorable tampon tree-topper, too, in case anyone is looking to get crafty ahead of the holiday season rush this year. Waverly (who made the feminine hygiene angel when she was just a li’l Earp) now knows the truth about her dad: he’s angelic, too—except maybe for the time he disappeared on Michelle just as she was giving birth to Wav. Luckily, Bobo was there. That’s the only time you’ll ever hear that sentence.

Bobo brought baby Waverly to the bar (they start ‘em young in Purgatory) to deliver a message to Ward: protect this baby as his own… or else. Ward, the reigning heir at the time, tried to use Peacemaker on Bobo but the gun fails to perform…in a spectacular way. There is something special about Waverly. And…Bobo?


While Waverly seeks out her genetic truth, the rest of Team Earp is on the case of a missing kid who was lured away from a Christmas market. Bulshar is behind it (he has Jeremy’s love interest, Robin, in his clutches, too). He’s got descendents of Purgatory’s founding families in cages and is torturing them as retribution for what their ancestors did to him. Wynonna and her new (smoking hot) friend Charlie show up in time to sledgehammer the hell out of Bulshar’s demons and free the missing Purgatorians. Unfortunately, the Earp-mobile lost a wheel and Bulshar got away.

Wynonna makes it back to the homestead in time for Christmas dinner only to suffer Doc getting up in the middle of it and leaving without explanation. He’s off to see his wife…a woman who, unlike Wynonna, needs him. And has the power to make him immortal again. Wyn evens the score by making out with (smoking hot) Charlie in his fire truck. With all that distraction going on, Mama Michelle is given enough cover to slip out to Bobo’s (literal) hole in the ground and throw down a rope. She wants to know where Julian is, and Bobo claims to have answers.


5 questions we have about this week’s episode:

1. What powers or gifts does Waverly’s angelic heritage grant her? Like, other than being totally adorable? #blessed

2. We get it: Bulshar hates Purgatory’s first families…but why is he force-feeding them pea soup (or whatever that green goop is)?

3. Does anyone else feel completely double-crossed by the fact that the showrunners replaced the Doc-Wynonna-Dolls love triangle with a love…square?

4. Vampire Doc: good idea or great idea?

5. Where did Julian disappear to when Waverly was born, and does Bobo actually know how to find him? Was letting him out of that well such a good idea, Michelle?