Wynonna Earp Recap: Wynonna Suffers A Huge Loss In When You Call My Name


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Hangovers suck. Especially waking up from on while you’re literally on one. That’s where we find Wynonna this week, post-truck-flip and Waverly disappearance. On the upside, Wyn isn’t alone. She’s got her mom there to remind her about the rules of survival.

On the downside, her mom is imaginary. Wynonna is completely hallucinating her. The real Mama Earp is behind bars and unwilling to give any advice (especially when it comes to Bulshar), although if she could, her first tip might be to tell Wyn to get that concussion checked out.


While Wynonna tries her hand at rock climbing, Waverly is (justifiably) freaking out over being chained up like a piece of meat in the booby trapped cabin of some Revenant hunter who’s run out of squirrel meat (he was the one who laid the trap that send the Earp pickup truck flying through the air). To thwart any attempts at rescue, the Rev steals Waverly’s voice, Little Mermaid style, and locks her in a cage while he works up an adequate appetite. Waverly’s tiny, so it shouldn’t take long.

Once word that both Earp women are missing reaches Wynonna and Waverly’s pals (Nicole finds their truck after a hapless hunter loses his son in the woods), the team springs into action (all but Dolls—Jeremy is trying to protect him, knowing how unstable he is when he’s low on his meds). By the time the rescue team arrives, Wynonna has already vanquished the cannibal Revenant, an heroic task considering the fact that Peacemaker is still hanging out on the cliff Wynonna woke up on.


Just as it looks like this episode is about to end on a happy note, Wynonna and Waverly get into an argument about Wyn’s failure to tell her sister about their mother’s whereabouts. To be fair, it was their mother who insisted that Wynonna keep it a secret. Waverly storms off and Dolls, who arrived when the action ended, goes with her. That’s when a guy dressed like a mercenary soldier shows up and proves that he can turn himself into a thousand black computer pixels every time Doc tries to tackle him.

Our best guess? This guy works for Bulshar, and he’s making threats that involve both Wynonna and Nicole (who’d gone spelunking after Peacemaker) ending up dead. Dolls won’t stand for that, and instead of preserving the little strength and stability he has, he heads straight for the bad guy and engulfs him in a ball of flames. It takes everything out of him. Literally.


By the time Wynonna reaches him, he’s not breathing. He doesn’t have a pulse. He’s gone. The only thing left for Wynonna to do is to let him go.

5 questions we have about this week’s episode:

1. Is there any undead thing that Peacemaker won’t work on? Like, will it work on Bulshar or no?

2. With Dolls gone, Wynonna’s protectors are dwindling—is anyone else extra stressed out about Doc’s loss of immortality now?

3. Is this really the real end of Dolls? Isn’t he magic or something? Can’t he come back to life?

4. Did anyone else see Bulshar at the end of the episode or was it only Wynonna that caught a glimpse of him before he disappeared? And what does Mama Earp know about him?

5. Does Bulshar watch Westworld? He seems to like the Man in Black’s style.