Wynonna Earp Recap: Welcome Back To Purgatory, Where Something’s Always Blood Red And Going Down


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Earpers, Emily Andras knows exactly what you want: because it was about time the Ghost River Triangle invited in some vampires, right? The Season 3 premiere of Wynonna Earp kicked off with Wynonna taming a mechanical bull, beer in hand (okay, most of the beer was all over her shirt, but the cup… that stayed in her hand). But the bull riding was a simple diversion tactic—Wynonna and her squad were staking out some Revenants in their mission to track and destroy Bulshar (you remember Bulshar, he also went by the name of Clootie).

Basically, it’s just a regular Saturday night in Purgatory until Sunday morning comes along and with it a saloon full of bloody corpses and an unmistakable sign that the Cult of Bulshar “wuz here.” While Waverly, and Nicole poke around Pussy Willows for clues (would have been lovely had Sheriff Nedley informed them that a tour bus will of Euro vampires had arrived early that same morning, but glamouring’s a b#&$h), Wynonna decides she needs to make a run to the local prison. To visit her mom. It seems like Wayhaught has everything under control, anyway.


They don’t. Faster than you can down a shot of cheap whiskey, the undead have all of Purgatory under their spell—except Doc. He’s handcuffed to a stripper pole aboard their vampire-mobile. As luck would have it, Dolls and Wynonna are immune to the glamouring effects, too. Wynonna is not, however, immune to being clocked by a glamoured Nicole, who knocks her out and dresses her up for the big cult party where she arrives in style (in a coffin).

Dolls ends up saving the day with his handy dandy Black Badge-issued vampire killing kit (a bunch of stakes in a box) but that isn’t the end of this week’s trouble in the Triangle. As we quickly find out, Bulshar is uncomfortably close and most likely looking for Wynonna. At Dolls’ urging, Wynonna and Waverly go for a little drive so that Wyn can break the news to her sister about their mom being in the clink.

That plan is rudely interrupted when the Earp sisters’ truck flips into a ditch, sent flying off the road by… we have no idea. We don’t want to sound paranoid, but did Dolls have anything to do with this? What about Doc’s vampire acquaintance? What about Bulshar? What about werewolves or yetis? This is Wynonna Earp, anything can happen.


5 questions we have about the Season 3 premiere:

1. What’s the history between Doc and his vampire lady friend?

2. What happened to Mama Earp? Why is she in jail? Why doesn’t she want out and what is her connection to Bulshar?

3. The vampire glamouring didn’t affect Wynonna or Dolls. Wynonna doesn’t seem to have a clue as to why she was spared but Dolls is evasive about it. Why?

4. The symbol carved into one of the victims’ backs in the saloon totally freaked Nicole out. Did she really survive a cult attack? Why is she only remembering now?

5. Who was it that pulled Waverly out of the crash when she and Wynonna flipped the truck—and why didn’t they help Wynonna, too?