Wynonna Earp Recap: Wynonna Is Gone As A Girl Can Get—Where Does That Leave Us?

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What would a world without Wynonna be like? Waverly, Doc, Dolls, and the rest of the Ghost River Triangle found out in this week’s episode: it ain’t pretty. Not only are Revenants running rampant all over Purgatory, they’ve also set up their HQ at the homestead—because no one was around to dig up the talisman that allows them to set their undead feet on Earp land.

A world without Wynonna is one in which Doc and Dolls are mortal enemies (because Doc is leader of the local Revenant gang), where Waverly is reluctantly making plans to marry Perry (the guy behind the hockey trophy curse) while Nicole pines for her in secret, and where Rosita spends her days chained up in a Revenant meth-making lab (but is also an undercover Black Badge agent). In short: it sucks, and it’s all because there’s no Wynonna.

The only person in town that even remembers she existed is Doc, who gets thrown into an involuntary cage match with the Mercedes Widow when he tries to jolt Dolls into remembering Wynonna (you know, the woman he loves?). He makes it out, only to lose (but also win) a shootout with Dolls at Shorty’s.

With both Doc and Dolls alternate-universe-dead, Waverly gets desperate, paying visits to Bobo’s padded cell in order to find out why Doc kept badgering her about this Wynonna person.

Things get super crazy after Waverly and Nicole bust Bobo out of the asylum and storm the homestead looking for the hockey trophy that the Iron Witch used to glamour all of Purgatory into forgetting about Wynonna.

There’s a shootout, an explosion, and a fiery end for the trophy, the destruction of which breaks the spell and returns Wynonna to an empty field somewhere outside of town—just in time to catch Bobo and the Widows conspiring to find Sheriff Clootie’s grave and dig him up.

5 questions we have about this week’s episode

1. That pang Wynonna felt at the end of the episode—was it a contraction?

2. Are we ever going to find out who Waverly’s real father is?

3. Is Doc mortal now that his ring has been smashed by Bobo’s magical metal-crushing fists?

4. Has Wynonna even bought a carseat yet? What about a crib? Highchair? Onesies? Sophie The Giraffe? Anything?

5. That tiny glimpse of Clootie the episode gave us: terrifying or mega-terrifying?