Wynonna Earp Recap: An Earp Sister Goes Missing In I See A Darkness

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Who knew Sheriff Nedley was such a badass? Not only did he manage to keep the location of the third seal a secret from the Mercedes-faced Widow, he kept up a Wynonna-like level of sarcasm while a fistful of silver rings were repeatedly introduced to his face.

Too bad he suffered such an epic beating for nothing, thanks to Waverly’s naive deal with Maddy’s twin sister Gretta, who tricked her into unearthing the seal and handing it over to the Beth Widow in exchange for the anti-venom that saved Nicole from her sister-wife’s bite. If only she’d trusted Wynonna to fix things. Now there is no Wynonna.

With Dolls’ help, Wynonna had rescued Nedley, caught Mercedes, and brought her back to their makeshift lab so that they can extract her deadly venom and figure out how to mix an antidote—using Rosita as a test subject (despite Jeremy’s strong objections—not everyone enjoys a Revenant torture sesh). Even Dolls offered himself up as a lab rat in order to save Nicole.

But Waverly, feeling guilt over kissing Rosita and jealousy over the sudden appearance of Nicole’s wife (?!), made a desperate deal with Gretta. Still smarting over the death of her sister the Blacksmith, Gretta offered to lead Waverly to an anti-venom, in exchange for a debt to be paid off at some point in the future.

Waverly knew that handing over the ring to the Widows meant betraying Wynonna in a big way. What she didn’t know was that Gretta was after the cursed wish-granting, demon-filled hockey trophy and that when she said a few words over it in German, Doc would end up back in the well and Wynonna would end up gone—without anyone remembering that she’d ever existed.

5 questions we have about this week’s episode

1. What does the Order want with Wynonna’s baby? And if Wynonna doesn’t exist anymore, does her future kid?

2. How do you get yourself out of a situation where you’ve gone missing and no one remembers that you ever existed? (Asking for a friend.)

3. No Wynonna + no Doc = Waverly’s into dudes again. How does that relationship math work?

4. When is Bobo finally going to show his face, and how is he going to feel about Sheriff Clootie’s resurrection?

5. Is Wynonna really (eventually) going to take out Rosita? That would be so uncool. Oh wait, there is no Wynonna.