Wynonna Earp Recap: Doc Makes A Huge Sacrifice In Forever Mine Nevermind

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The thing about immortality? There’s always a catch. Take Doc’s for example: not only did he have to spend an unpleasant amount of time at the bottom of a well, his anti-aging power is also tied to his treasured ring. And his ring is the third seal—which Wynonna wants to smash in order to release the demon Clootie. Yes, you read that correctly. She wants him free. So that she can send him to hell permanently and (maybe) break the Earp curse before it can be visited on the child she’s carrying.

Understandably, Doc is quite fond of the ring (and of his own relatively youthful visage). Wynonna’s attempts to relieve him of it, which include aiming Peacemaker at his head, are initially unsuccessful. It isn’t until a creepy, human-sized doll tries to take it from them (courtesy of that demonic antiques dealer Doc met earlier in the episode) that they come to an agreement and Doc realizes what he has to do—for Wynonna and for the baby (that may or may not be his).

While Wynonna and Doc negotiate custody of the ring, Waverly accepts Rosita’s invitation to the spa, hoping that she’ll be able to decompress and sort out how she feels about Nicole lying to her about her DNA tests. But Waverly is not cut out for chilling out. One misguided text message, an awkward kiss, and a Tucker (not dead!) attack later, it’s safe to call this the worst spa visit ever. Although we do find out that Rosita is a Revenant… no wonder she needed Doc’s protection.

During a celebratory ‘hooray, we’re not dead!’ drink at Shorty’s afterwards, Waverly promises to keep Rosita’s Revenant status a secret from Wynonna. Rosita did save her life, after all. Oh, and then there’s that thing where Waverly suspects that she herself is half-Revenant. NBD. Saying it out loud for the first time seems to inspire some forgiveness in her and she decides to go make up with Nicole—only her timing is terrible.

5 questions we have about this week’s episode

1. While rifling through her research, Dolls tells Jeremy that Rosita isn’t who everyone thinks she is. Has he known she’s a Revenant this whole time?

2. Now that the Beth Widow has gone rogue and the Mercedes Widow is weak and wounded, does Wynonna have a better chance at taking them out before the third seal is broken?

3. What does the Mercedes Widow want with Nicole? We’re guessing it has more to do with Waverly, considering what Beth said to Tucker… just before she ate him

4. Speaking of Tucker, is that really what frostbite looks like? Yikes. We’re buying new snowsuits before winter hits.

5. Was Wynonna’s pregnant backflip proof that there’s not a demon in Purgatory who’s a match for her? We’re going with ‘yes’.