Wynonna Earp Recap: No Future In The Past? Tell That To Bobo Del Rey

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The phrase ‘history is written by the victors’ fits this week’s episode of Wynonna Earp like a finely crafted Stetson. Guided by Juan Carlos, Wynonna trips out on a third trimester vision quest that takes her and Baby Earp back to Wyatt’s era where she discovers that the line between good and evil is a lot fuzzier than it appears in the present.

Take Bobo, for example. Last season, Purgatory’s top Revenant was pure bad guy. Not so in Wyatt’s day. Bobo (aka Robert) was tight with the ancient Earps, almost as close to Wyatt as Doc, in fact. Though not quite—and that was the problem. While Doc was drowning his sickly sorrows, Robert was begging him to ride alongside Wyatt to Purgatory in order to subdue the town’s wicked Sheriff Clootie (hands up if that name rings a bell). But Doc was already too bitter (and too drunk) to help out his friend. He was, however, sober enough to berate poor Bobo. He’ll live to regret that more than once.

Back in Wyatt’s day, the same Widows that are creating a serious inconvenience for Wynonna and her crew, were raising hell in old-timey Purgatory. Mid-vision quest, Wynonna sees them imprisoned by Bobo, Juan Carlos (we knew he was sorta-kinda immortal), and (insert drumroll here) Constance Clootie. Constance, the wife of Sheriff Clootie, is plotting to put her husband in a similar prison (he wants her dead, so fair enough).

All this plotting and scheming among the Triangle’s demon and witch communities is what leads to the collection of curses that govern Purgatory today. That is: Doc’s immortality and his third seal ties to Sheriff Clootie’s confinement, the repeatedly resurrected Revenants, and the Earp heir’s duty to put them back where they belong—in hell.

Bobo, it turns out, is the linchpin holding the entire nightmare together. He refuses to help Doc out of the well, leaving Holliday and the third seal (his ring) to rot. He himself is cursed, as is everyone killed by Wyatt’s Peacemaker. And he binds himself to Waverly, believing (mistakenly) that she is his guardian angel. But where he fails to save Doc, he does save both Wynonna and her sister. Sorry, half sister—those DNA results finally came in. And boy is Nicole in hot water for hiding them.

5 questions we have about this week’s episode

1. Are Dolls and Wynonna officially an item now? What was up with that post-almost-dying-in-a-fire-spooning?

2. Wynonna technically died for about 75 seconds, which means the heir was temporarily dead. We know that Bobo is back, but what about all the other Revenants she put down?

3. Who is Waverly’s father? It can’t be Bobo. Can it bo Bobo?

4. When he was Robert, Bobo was a pretty good guy. Now all his goodness is tied to Waverly… can he be turned if she reaches out to him? What would a “good” Revenant look like?

5. Who’s this Sheriff Clootie guy and what makes him such a hateable badass to so many people?