Wynonna Earp Recap: Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers Intros A New Brand Of Demon-Killer

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Who knew that a demon-killing squad with Deadpool’s sense of humour and penchant for red leather had been hanging around the Ghost River Triangle, vanquishing a particular brand of evil while Wynonna dealt with Revenants, witches, and possessed sisters?

It’s that last thing that sees their paths cross, as the demon that’s been bouncing back and forth between Earp sisters draws their attention. And by “attention” we mean “desire to kill by decapitation” regardless of any “collateral damage.” So… that’d be either Waverly or Wynonna or both—whoever they decide the demon is occupying at the right murder-y moment.

The Earps, however, have one thing going for them: they’ve got that lovely commemorative plate which, when scanned by Jeremy, reveals the insignia of the local volunteer firefighter department/volunteer demon beheaders (same guys!). Without backup, the plate is all they have to bargain with. BBD has gone radio silent, meaning they’re not sending reinforcements for Lucado OR hunting down Dolls anymore. Not that it leaves him in the clear—that demon that’s been in both Wynonna and Waverly? It has a history with Dolls going all the way back to his time in Afghanistan.

Both Dolls and Lucado recognize it—and they know that no one has ever survived being separated from it. Especially now that the demon, or Passenger, has readied itself to become fused with Waverly permanently… before multiplying and becoming legion. But Waverly is strong. She continues to fight it where Lucado failed (with epic, head-exploding results).

With The Order hunting them down, Doc, Dolls, and Wynonna (now demon-free and armed with Peacemaker) trail Waverly and her Passenger to the homestead barn where the stash of shiny metal stuff awaits her and the forecasted perfect storm. If all goes well for the demon, the lightning rod it made Waverly build will attract the electric jolt that should allow the Passenger to permanently occupy Wav’s body (it’s been renting up until now) and, eventually, anyone else’s that it touches.

But the bond between sisters proves to be stronger. Memories of Wynonna force-feeding Waverly grape soda turn out to be the key to getting the anti-demon juice Dolls cooked up down Wav’s throat. When the demon emerges, Wynonna shoots it with Peacemaker, but not before it can impart some secret knowledge to Waverly… about the new and unplanned possession that’s going on inside Wynonna.

5 questions we have about this week’s episode

1. What happened to Black Badge? What crazy-evil force is capable of disappearing an entire secret and very powerful law enforcement division from the face of the Earth?

2. Who else thinks that it’s super weird that this is the first time that The Heir and The Order have crossed paths? The Triangle isn’t that big, is it?

3. Why is that plate so important to The Order? Does it do anything? Is it part of a set?

4. Who is Juan Carlos and what is his role/connection to all each demon-fighting faction in the Triangle?

5. Is Wynonna pregnant with Doc’s baby or is this just another kind of possession? Like, an unnatural kind.