Wynonna Earp Recap: Shed Your Skin, See What Kind Of Scary Sh*t’s Underneath

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When the going gets tough, the tough… do inventory? We know that life isn’t easy for small business owners, but when Doc appears to put counting bottles of bourbon at Shorty’s ahead of helping Wynonna and Waverly squish demonic spiders, it looks a bit suspicious.

Is Doc back to doing his good guy/bad guy/in it for himself guy routine or is he playing the long game in order to outsmart (and oust) Lucado, who he’s blackmailing because she put a hit out on Dolls? It’s impossible to say with Doc, who’s alway been a bit of an undead mystery—much like Wynonna’s other boyfriend—Dolls is still MIA and on the run from his former Black Badge colleagues.

So that leaves Waverly and Wynonna to show Lucado some results (where results = dead demons), or else (where or else = the Black Badge disappearing the whole lot of them and possibly all of Purgatory). Conveniently, there’s a whole hive of gooey, hatching spider babies at a new condo development owned by Wynonna’s high school friend, Mercedes.

Wav and Wyn go in swinging sledgehammers after a run-in with a Revhead called Earl leads them to a subterranean chapel filled with eight-legged, gestating demon babies. Which begs the question: where is their mother? Oh, here she is. Shudder. At least she smells good (according to Wynonna).

After a brief spat over her Black Badge de-deputization, Officer Haught makes it up to Waverly by bringing her a gift: an envelope full of applications that might help her figure out whether or not she’s really an Earp. Knowledge, however, isn’t the only thing Waverly is hungry for. After a steamy evening with Nicole, she heads down to the kitchen for an unorthodox late-night snack: spider baby carpaccio.

Let’s hope the Earp girls keep a supply of Tums on hand at the homestead.

5 Questions We Have About This Week’s Episode

1. In our experience, nothing makes a demonic cloud mother angrier than two young women turning her future offspring into a spider smoothie. What kind of retaliation is coming Wynonna’s way?

2. Is the spider sanctuary under Mercedes’ new condo building ground zero for the uptick in the supernatural creature population of Purgatory?

3. What kind of explosive cocktail is Doc’s new bartender/chemist mixing up in the lab under Shorty’s?

4. Also: what is she running from? Who does she need protection from? And why is Doc the only one who can give it to her?

5. What was up with Waverly at the end of that episode? What’s she becoming (besides an insectivore)?