Wynonna Earp Season Premiere Recap: Steel Bars And Stone Walls Won’t Keep Earps Down (Or Out)

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Is it possible that we’ve been looking at demonic possession all wrong? Like, since the time before the Salem witch trials, have we been unfairly giving the demons that seek to find a host in our unsuspecting bodies a bad name? Because honestly, Waverly’s pal, the nameless entity that turns her innocent doe eyes into menacing black puddles, did her a lot more harm than good in this season premiere episode of Wynonna Earp.

Maybe whatever it is is just protecting its investment (it’s hard to find a young, healthy, gluten-tolerant body to snatch these days). But when old Puddle Eyes took over and took on the Soul Devourer at the Black Badge safe house/lab, it’s impossible to deny that Waverly benefited. Maybe they’ll learn to work together? Though we’re not sure what that means for the future of her relationship—the thing did at least consider chopping off Nicole Haught’s head with an axe. So that could be a problem.

As for the other Earp sister, Wynonna is still kicking ass—and on no sleep. Without even pausing to grieve the death of her other sister, she jumps right into saving Dolls, recruiting Doc, Waverly, and Dolls’ Black Badge pal Eliza to do it. Eliza takes a little convincing at first.

With her credential, some hazmat suits, a terrible British accent, and a dead possum Team Earp busts into the Black Badge facility and, taking serious risks, they bust Dolls out. But Dolls is in pretty bad shape—he hasn’t been getting his regular injections, the ones that keep him from losing control and becoming the full (scary) version of what his organization’s turned him into. But Doc, living up to his name, has a tiny drop on hand. It’s enough for Dolls to walk out of there on his own two feet.

The rest of the rescue crew aren’t as lucky. Agent Lucado corners them, but before she can empty her gun into their skulls, a Black Badge higher-up steps in. He’s got bigger plans. Ones that involve contracts signed in blood. Looks like Wynonna is going to be spending a lot longer ridding the Ghost River Triangle of all things evil than she may of planned—but an offer to end the Earp Curse is on the table, so how could she have said no?

5 Questions We Have About This Week’s Episode

1. Is Doc still in love with Wynonna? If he is, he’s sending some serious mixed signals. First he goes into save Dolls alone (a seriously dangerous mission) but then, he refuses to tell Wynonna about the message Dolls wanted him to pass on. Why?

2. About that message: what did Dolls say? Was it something to do with how he feels about her or could it have been some intel that might have endangered Wynonna?

3. We finally know why Lucado hates Dolls. Now that she’s been reprimanded by her boss, will she continue to go after him?

4. It was nice of Dolls to return Wynonna’s necklace to her. It was also stupid. Wouldn’t the homestead be the first place Black Badge would look for him? Now that he’s AWOL, where will he go, and how do you hide from an organization that formidable?

5. That thing in Waverly—does it have to be exorcised or can she learn to control it and use it’s power?