Wynonna Earp Recap: House Of Memories? More Like Prison Of Manipulation

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“Bobo knows things about me.” Bad news for all the Willa Earp apologists out there: big sister is a baddy—one who’s apparently in league with Bobo Del Rey. (And doesn’t mind it when he calls her ‘baby’. Ick)

Something always seemed a bit off about Willa—call it brainwashing or Stockholm Syndrome or Revenant fever—and this week the doubters (Waverly among them) were proved right when Willa disappeared from Bobo’s mass murder party to rendezvous with the host himself, heading off to who-knows-where with Peacemaker in her purse.

Not that the legendary gun is of much use to anyone else—when Wynonna attempted to use it on a Revenant earlier that same day, Peacemaker glowed red and then fizzled out before it could be fired. Now that Willa’s back, the gun has decided that she’s the heir (pretty ageist if you ask us). While Wynonna wrestles with her demotion, Willa continues to manipulate both her and Waverly. A trip to the treehouse prison in Swan Reservoir has brought back a flood of memories for her: who held her there (Bobo), who “rescued” her (Constance Clootie), and the deal her father made with the Revenants (leave the Earp girls alone—in exchange for safe passage out of the Ghost River Triangle).

According to Willa’s recollection and a hidden letter Wynonna finds at the homestead, the only way out of the Triangle is a Winter Solstice escort across the border with a willing Earp heir. Ward had struck a deal to do just that for Bobo—but Wynonna shot him (accidentally) before he could follow through. With Willa, it seems, Bobo has a second chance. Hence the big party/mass poisoning. It’s all a distraction to keep Wynonna and Dolls busy.

Thanks to a brutal poison cooked up by Doc’s captor, Big Bubba (a guy whose style icon appear to be Silence of the Lambs’ Buffalo Bill), anyone at the party who indulged in the free-flowing champagne is now foaming at the mouth and in an indescribable amount of pain (though let’s be honest, after his lame tirade of homophobic remarks, Champ, at least, deserves it).

The good news is that there’s an antidote. The bad news is that the price Bobo’s demanding is Wynonna Earp, dead or alive. So while Wynonna stares down half the town’s newly rabid residents (not to mention Doc, who busted her smooching Dolls), Bobo—sorry, Robert—and Willa are free to make a run for the border.