Wynonna Earp Recap: It’s An Earp Family Reunion In She Wouldn’t Be Gone

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Wynonna’s entire adult life has been driven by one thing: her inability to confront the guilt she feels over shooting her father and watching a gang of Revenants kidnap her sister, Willa, the would-be heir of the Earp gift and/or curse (depending on your point of view). But Bobo stealing Shorty’s Saloon out from under Aunt Gus sets into motion a chain of events that has the power to change all that.

Dolls and Wynonna decide to go on the hunt for a Revenant named Lou after bugging the bar and overhearing Bobo fly into a rage at the mere mention of his name. Armed with the old ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ philosophy, the pair head for the Pine Barrens after coercing some intel out of Black Badge captive Whiskey Jim. (Not that it took much coercing—how did Bobo get into that Black Badge site to talk to Jim anyway? The mole that’s infiltrated the agency must be a big one.)

The Pine Barrens—haunted, the site of a massive chemical spill, or both—work their magic on Dolls and Wynonna, disorienting him and hypnotizing her until they both become captives of some weird woodland cult led by Lou and populated by young women in white (carbon copies of the one we saw being devoured by a wolf outside a gas station at the top of the episode).

Wynonna is about to become their newest member (free baths!) until she sees them drag Dolls in and banish him to the hole. She takes immediate action, knocking out a fellow Lou-worshipper with her bedpan and springing Dolls from the root cellar—only to be recaptured minutes later by Lou and his militia. The two are marked and set free, though ‘free’ for Dolls means ‘released into the woods to be hunted by wild animals.’ Luckily, it’s Wynonna to the rescue again. She finds Dolls and he finds Peace Maker (which Wyn had lost in the woods earlier). Man, they make a great couple, err, team.

Dolls’ forest phobia makes him want to GTF out of there ASAP but Wynonna insists on rescuing Lou’s followers, especially the one she’d bonded with. When a skinwalker in the form of a massive grizzly knocks her gun from her hand, her new cult pal picks it up—and successfully uses it to take out Lou and free the skinwalker from his control. But wait, doesn’t Peace Maker only work in the hands of an heir? Right. It’s when Wynonna takes her new pal back to the homestead that it’s really spelled out for us: “Willa!” exclaims Aunt Gus. But will Willa remember them? Also: is Doc really gone for good?