Wynonna Earp Recap: Walking After Midnight In Purgatory? Bad Idea

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For an immortal, spending eternity at the bottom of a well sounds like an awful punishment. So why did Constance Cootie (aka the Stone Witch) throw Doc down there? Because Doc was Wyatt Earp’s dearest friend. And because Wyatt Earp killed her sons. This is the woman who Waverly’s now up against, thanks to the skull she inherited when her uncle Curtis died. The Blacksmith bound her to it—and paid the price for doing so—and now Waverly will have to take her on.

After she extends Doc an invitation to stay on Earp land (seeing as he’s made himself unwelcome in Bobo’s trailer park), Doc betrays Waverly’s trust and breaks an oath to the Blacksmith for a shot at revenge. He’s been harbouring a grudge against Constance for generations (to be fair, there’s not much else to do when you’re stuck at the bottom of a well). Still, he puts Waverly and her friends in serious danger. Though one of them definitely deserved what she got. RIP.

It looks like the witch is going to get what she wants: the skull, and maybe a dead Earp as a bonus. But after cowering in the the house for long enough, Waverly decides that the witch is just another bully—like the ones she faced down in school. Okay, so this one has magical powers and a bit more blood lust, but still. Waverly defiantly smashes the skull right in front of Constance’s eyes and Constance attempts to smash her in return.

Luckily, Wynonna shows up in time and in the ensuing chaos, the witch takes a bullet and is driven off (in her pink cadillac). The strange thing is, Doc, who shot her, has a wound in the exact spot where the bullet grazed Constance… hmm.

While Doc and Waverly were defending the homestead, Wynonna was at the station wondering who took Dolls (his superiors) and when/if he’ ever return (it doesn’t look good). Dolls is going to have to offer up something big in order to avoid being reassigned to Sweden. Something his division’s never seen (like Doc, perhaps?). Wynonna’s not going to be cool with that. Though right now, she’s got bigger problems.

During their long night alone in the morgue, Wynonna managed to form a bond with Officer Haught—before completely alienating her only to attempt to rebuild the bond the next morning over pancakes… Only we don’t think they ever made it to pancakes.