Wynonna Earp Recap: Cannibal Revenants And Constant Cravings

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With just two of the seven Earp-killing Revenants left standing, Wynonna is on a mission to cross the stragglers off her list in a hurry. But first she has to find out who and where they are—if Dolls is up to it, that is. The typically tough as nails agent has a case of the shakes and looks like a guy going into some serious withdrawal. From what? We don’t know, but it’s blue and when you shoot it into your hip, your eyes go red and cat-like. Is Dolls human, or….?

Wynonna and a sweaty Dolls pay a visit to a reclusive blacksmith to see if she can identify a particular cattle brand visible on one of the seven’s neck in the photo Wynonna’s been using as her Revenant kill scorecard. The Blacksmith knows it instantly—the brand belongs to the Tate family, owners of a local organic farm. Also: proprietors of the diner Wynonna and Waverly ate at earlier. You’re not going to want to dwell on that fact, though.

When Dolls and Wynonna arrive at the Tate abattoir, err, farm, they find two young Revenants and their hungry mother, who adheres to a very particular diet: people. How is it that each week Purgatory’s Revenant population manages to come up with some new, horrific hobby? We’re impressed.

Getting a taste of Dolls and finding him not to her liking (the Blacksmith thought something was off about the agent, too), there’s nothing left for Mama Tate to do but await the working end of Wynonna’s gun. She ends up putting the entire family of Revenants down—one of whom was among the Earp-killing seven.

Not one to be left out of all the excitement, Waverly pays a visit to the Blacksmith on her own—a series of notes from her recently deceased uncle Curtis sends her there. After finding a human skull hidden inside Curtis’ piano, she takes part in a spell performed by the Blacksmith that makes her the “keeper of the bones” and binds her to the skull… a skull that once sat atop the shoulders of the Stone Witch’s son. Uh oh.

On the upside, Dolls manages to get his hands on an illicit dose of whatever it is that keeps him going, but before he injects himself with it, Doc catches him jonesing like a drug addict—which he may actually be. Whatever the case, Doc isn’t someone you should show your weakness to. We’re still pretty certain that he’s dangerous.