Wynonna Earp Recap: Repent Or Face The Blade

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Now that Doc is out of the cursed dead guy closet, he’s free to use his sharpshooter skills to help Wynonna and Agent Dolls clean up Purgatory’s Revenant population—and earn Wynonna’s trust in doing so… to what dark, Bobo-orchestrated end, we don’t yet know. For now, though, he’s coming in pretty handy.

The newest Revenant causing trouble in town goes by the name of the Barber—and if Wynonna and her crew had known that from the beginning, he would have been a lot easier to send back to hell. Too bad for them, the man remains somewhat of a mystery for the better part of the episode, travelling through and by reflective surface (puddles, lakes, sideview mirrors) to kill Purgatory residents with outstanding apologies owed (basically making anyone in town fair game).

As his kills climb, an unfortunate set of circumstances involving Waverly, a bar bathroom, and a knife, end up framing Doc as the throat-slitter—but when he helps Waverly ID the real killer, she lets him out of jail (Latin-speaking bartenders can do that in Purgatory) and she, Wynonna, Dolls, and Doc attempt to conjure the killer using his name—August Hamilton—and a black obsidian mirror that Dolls keeps on hand for occasions like this. It doesn’t work. Instead, Dolls is briefly possessed by the souped-up Revenant and requires shock therapy plus CPR to bring him back.

By this point, Wynonna has become the next name on the Barber’s list and has to run around town figuring out who she needs to apologize to most. That doesn’t work either. Tracking him to a nearby lake (the same spot Doc had left his body long ago), the demon-hunting party is bested by the Barber again, who holds his blade to Wynonna’s throat until she figures out that it’s Waverly that’s owed the apology—for not getting to be the Earp heir (even though she’d have made the best one).

Waverly doesn’t forgive her in time—luckily, Doc shoots him in time and Wynonna uses the Peacemaker to put him in the ground.

The episode ends with Doc admitting he’d never had the chance to apologize to Wyatt—for what? We’re not completely sure, but it probably has something to do with a deal he made… with the devil.