Wynonna Earp Says Adios To One Of The Core Four In This Sweet Goodbye Video


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All good love triangles must come to an end. If you watched Wynonna Earp last night you know that Team Earp has lost one of its key members. Stop reading RIGHT NOW if you haven’t managed to catch the latest episode.

Have you stopped? Okay, so last night’s installment saw Xavier Dolls (Shamier Anderson) lay his Black-Badge-mutated life on the line to once again (and for the last time) save Wynonna, Nicole, Waverly, and even Doc (whose job has become a lot harder without the whole immortality thing).

Dolls stepped in during a key fight with one of Bulshar’s powerful henchmen, incinerating the bad guy in a ball of fire and using literally everything he had in him to do it. When the smoke cleared, Dolls was gone.

While we’d held out a sliver of hope that someone would step in and bring him back (where IS Purgatory’s weird magic brotherhood of firemen when you need them?) it seems that there will be no last-minute reprieve. Instead, we’ve got this super sweet video of his friends and castmates wishing him the best on his decision to pursue a movie career in Hollywood (Anderson has already landed roles in Destroyer starring Tatiana Maslany and Nicole Kidman and City of Lies with Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker).

For a little stroll down (demon-lined) memory lane, check out the clip below or watch it here.