Wynonna Earp Recap: Leavin’ On Your Mind? Wynonna’s Got Other Plans

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We’re a mere three episodes into Wynonna Earp’s first season and already the Revenants are all over that whole ‘leaving the cursed triangle’ squad goal. But since that would mean, um, the destruction of humanity in its entirety, Wynonna and Agent Dolls are doing all they can to keep that from happening.

When a trio of Revheads steal a diary and fillet the town’s deputy mayor in the process, Wynonna gets over being rejected (hard) by Hank and manages to move on—to sending the seven demons who killed her dad and sister back to hell. After she recognizes one of them on a CCTV video, she and Dolls figure out that a small group of Revenants are trying to enlist someone/thing called the Stone Witch in their mission to leave the triangle and are collecting the necessary ingredients for a spell that will do just that.

In addition to a mute’s voice, an innocent murderer’s hand, and a loveless heart, they also need hostages. Wynonna, Shorty, and Waverly’s boyfriend Champ are the lucky chosen trio. If all goes well, the three Revenants will steal the bodies of the three humans and walk safely across the triangle’s boundaries. All does not go well. Two Revenants don’t even make it to black magic time and the remaining one aims for Wynonna but ends up in Shorty’s ailing body after he sacrifices himself to save her.

Dolls, who has been standing by the entire time and following the tracking device he planted on Wynonna, steps in after the spell is completed to do the clean up work (i.e. shoot her possessed friend). When Wynonna finds out that he could have stepped in earlier and saved him, she’s furious. To Dolls, Shorty was merely collateral damage in his quest to find out if Revenants really could transfer whatever’s left of their souls into the bodies of the living.

While Wynonna was busy dealing with her hostage situation thing, Waverly was basically stalking Hank (she had her reasons). She follows him to Bobo’s trailer park, gets busted, gets shot at, and gets in the kind of classic pouty, foot-stomping fight with him that only a teenager can (note: she’s 21). She’s figured out who he really is: the one and only Doc Holliday, a fact he himself reveals to Wynonna at the end of the episode (he has his reasons, too—and they’re far from altruistic).