Wynonna Earp Recap: Keep The Homefires Burning, Send The Demons To Hell

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‘Demon hunter’ isn’t a vocation with benefits, days off, or a three month probationary period. Wynonna’s been back in Purgatory for all of a week and already the Revenants killed by her ancestors (previous heirs to the Earp curse) are out of their graves and ready to wreak havoc—they’ve even sussed out the town’s best (or possibly only) nightclub.

Her first official mission, to take out clubbing Revenants without causing a scene, goes wrong when Agent Dolls insists that she use a government-issued gun and Wynonna insists on being, well, Wynonna. (She’s new at this law enforcement thing, okay?) But the stakes are even higher than what she’s grown up believing—her job goes beyond keeping the demons from escaping Purgatory. She’s also got to keep the story contained, too. Otherwise, the government will order a nuclear strike on the town. And don’t think they’re bluffing because, as Dolls reveals, they’ve done it before.

The Revenants have their own plan, though: kill Wynonna, take possession of the legendary Peace Maker, and get the hell (sorry) out of Purgatory. To that end, they’ve engaged the services of the mysterious stranger they call “Hank” (but whose true identity you might have guessed by now). Not quite Revenant and definitely not human, Hank goes to see Killer Miller, a shadow assassin who can only be roused from his dark dwelling with a blood sacrifice.

Hank is supposed to sic the shadow on Wynonna but a mix-up sees him designate Waverly as the target instead. It feels like a rookie mistake—and Hank doesn’t come across as a rookie. Is he playing both sides? It sure looks like it when we see him installing a new mailbox at the Earp homestead later on.

Built atop a bedrock of ammolite, the homestead, where Wynonna and her sisters grew up (or didn’t get to grow up, in Willa’s case) was once a safe place, but something’s blocking the ammolite’s protective powers. That something ends up being a talisman that Waverly herself buried on the property’s pet cemetery. Why would a six-year-old do such a thing? Because her not-so-imaginary imaginary friend told her to. Bobo, the Revenants top undead guy, tricked her into it—and, years ago, her sister and father died because of it.

With the talisman unearthed though, the homestead is safe once more (the small matter of vanquishing Killer Miller aside) so Wynonna and Waverly finally have a place to rest their heads… or a place to invite Officer Haught over to for dinner. Wink.