Woody Harrelson Will School Han Solo In The Star Wars Spin-Off

Woody Harrelson stars in Columbia Pictures' ZOMBIELAND.

They’ve got their Young Han. They’ve got their Young Lando. The Mother of Dragons is definitely involved, too. And now, they’ve got their Young Haymi- sorry, the guy who’ll be teaching Han Solo how to be snarky as hell while flying through the galaxy and dodging bounty hunters left and right, presumably.

And that guy is none other than Woody Harrelson.

Harrelson is at the Sundance Film Festival promoting Wilson, and in the middle of an interview with Variety about the film, talk turned to Star Wars speculation and rumours about the Han Solo origin story that’s set to hit theaters in 2018. Harrelson didn’t dodge the question, and straight-up confirmed that, yes, he will be playing Solo’s mentor in the forthcoming movie. He let the drama build before confirming his involvement with a “Yeah, I am,” but he delivered it all the same.

This is familiar territory for Harrelson, who helped bring down the Capitol as Haymitch Abernathy, Katniss Everdeen’s mentor, in the Hunger Games flicks. Given his dexterity with smart-assery and action, he’s a perfect fit for Star Wars—and an even better fit for the man who whips Solo into intergalactic ass-kicking shape.