Will Wonder Woman Break Even More Records At This Year’s Oscars?

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins seems as surprised as anyone that her box office record-breaking superhero movie is generating a tonne of Oscar buzz.

“When you’re making a movie it’s completely all consuming; there are many things you don’t have time to think about,” she told The Toronto Sun in a recent interview, marking the release of Wonder Woman on Blu-ray. “I certainly wasn’t thinking about the Oscars. It’s just not something you consider when you make these kinds of movies. I did the best that I could, but you kind of assume you’re not going to be considered for that kind of thing. But now, hearing that, I’m so flattered and stunned and super honoured to be in the awards conversation.”

It isn’t that superhero movies are usually shut out of the Oscar race altogether. Films like X-Men: Days of Future Past, Superman Returns, and a whole bunch of Marvel movies have been recognized in the Best Achievement in Visual Effects category. Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins got a cinematography nod and the 2002 Spider-Man movie got a nomination for Best Sound. Even the messy music video that was Suicide Squad got a nom for Hair and Makeup (losing to Zoolander 2).

In terms of the big acting categories, however, the standalone nominee (and winner) among the group would be The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger came out on top in the Best Supporting Actor category in 2009. But Warner Bros. is aiming even higher with Wonder Woman. The studio is campaigning for a spot in the Best Picture and Best Director categories for Jenkins. The nomination would be a first for comic book-based movies.

Maybe leaving out that post-credits scene wasn’t such a bad idea afterall, despite complaints from fans. Jenkins won’t apologize for the omission, but she did offer an explanation: “I’m not always a believer in post-credit scenes,” she told The Sun. “I feel like they make sense if the films are extremely similar. I think if you know the next movie is going to be set in the same world or have the exact same tone, then I think it makes sense. To me, it does not make sense to have a commercial for a completely different style of movie in the credits of another movie. One of my favourite things about the DC Universe is they were super supportive of me doing my own tone, but there’s no other movie that they have that’s of the same tone. So it just felt weird to do some other crossover. Also, the end of the movie was the end. It wasn’t, ‘Tune in later for more.’”

Wonder Woman 2, opening December 13, 2019, will also be directed by Jenkins. The sequel will make her the highest-paid female director in Hollywood.