Latest Wonder Woman Trailer Explores Her Origin Story

“She must never know the truth about what she is.”

There was always something special about Diana of Themyscira—like, beyond her Amazonian legacy and royal lineage. The newest trailer for director Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman sheds some light on Diana’s childhood and hints at the well-kept Amazonian secret of her destiny, hidden, it would seem, from even Diana herself.

With the movie’s release less than three months away, the most recent clip, unveiled this past weekend at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards, digs into Wonder Woman’s past, looking at her Amazonian warrior training. As a child, Diana was shown the gifts bestowed upon her people by the gods—including the highly prized and carefully guarded Sword of Athena. When the mini future superhero asks who gets to wield the awesome weapon, she’s told that “only the fiercest among us even could… and that is not you, Diana.”

The look on young Diana’s face says that her elders shouldn’t be so sure about that.

Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot, Robin Wright, and Chris Pine, takes over the big screen on June 2. Here’s the new trailer:

And here’s the beachy new poster, too: