Wonder Woman Shows Off Her Warrior Skills In The Movie’s First Official Trailer

In the first official Wonder Woman trailer, Diana of Themyscira ponders whether the world is worth saving and then decides, hell yes, it totally is, and proceeds to kick all kinds of World War 1-era ass on her mission to help humanity not destroy itself.

Woodrow Wilson considered the first World War humankind’s darkest era (he was quickly proven wrong by an unplanned sequel, of course) and DC’s Wonder Woman, despite Chris Pine’s Wilson-quoting efforts at comic relief, looks like it’s shaping up to be a semi-dark movie (not, like Dawn Of Justice bleak, just chemical weapons and trench warfare dark).


Playing Amazonian warrior royalty, Gal Gadot shows off her bullet-blocking Bracelets of Submission and accessorizes an evening gown with her trademark Sword of Athena (who was the Greek goddess of wisdom and military victory, just FYI) in this new two-and-a-half-minute clip. She also manages to save Pine’s character not once but twice (and probably even more frequently in the actual movie).


Witness the awesomeness that is Gadot as Diana Prince in the trailer below. Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins (Monster, The Killing), is out June 2, 2017.

And here’s three new posters: