‘Wonder Woman’ Finally Lands Its Director, And It’s The Perfect Choice

If you applied the Lasso of Truth to just about anyone, they would all agree that the following “Wonder Woman” news is very, very good.

Michelle MacLaren, the veteran television director responsible for some of the best episodes of “Breaking Bad” and “Game of Thrones,” among other shows, is officially leading the way on “Wonder Woman.” The Hollywood Reporter has the news that MacLaren has signed on the dotted line to develop and direct the DC Comics superhero movie, starring Gal Gadot.

Gadot makes her first Wonder Woman appearance in 2016′s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” followed by 2017′s “Justice League.” The full-fledged “Wonder Woman” movie will also hit theaters in 2017.

This is MacLaren’s first feature film as a director, and it’s a long time coming. She’s masterful behind the camera, as her various episodes of “Breaking Bad” plainly illustrate — the final season’s “Gliding Over All” in particular, but really, the highlights are endless.

Who can say how “Wonder Woman” will turn out in the end, but if nothing else, MacLaren’s involvement is an incredibly positive step in the right direction. Time to get excited, if you aren’t already.