Why I Couldn’t Wait To See Wonder Woman In Batman V Superman

Superhero films in 2016 are turning quite confrontational. With the long-awaited release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans have been forced to take sides between two of comics’ heaviest hitters: the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. While most comic book connoisseurs were arguing over who would win the fight, this fangirl was waiting with bated breath for more Wonder Woman. Since Warner revealed over two years ago she would make an appearance in Batman v Superman, fans have been filled with anticipation for the first feature film actualization of the feminist icon. So here’s why I was more excited for Wonder Woman than anything else in BvS.

1. The Casting


This was a tough role to cast, and Hollywood’s packed with pretty and talented brunettes, but Wonder Woman is much more than that. She needs to be a skilled warrior, agile, smart and, above all else, strong. When Gal Gadot was cast, there was some push back from fans. The Amazonian body type typically being tall, fit but robust, and warrior-esque, many argued Gadot’s skinny frame couldn’t pull off the seismic strength required of the character. This type of aesthetic-over-ability casting’s exactly the kind of stereotypes the unapologetic feminist Wonder Woman was adverse to, but she had a tough-but-feminine appeal in Fast & Furious, so I was all for this rendition.

2. The Powers


In the comics, Wonder Woman’s endowed with the blessings of the gods, granting her the beauty of Aphrodite, wisdom of Athena, strength of Hercules, and speed of Mercury. Along with her supernatural abilities, she’s also weaponized with the Lasso of Truth and bulletproof bracers, and referred to as the best fighter in the DC universe. Her powers, training, and weaponry make her an extremely formidable opponent with strength equal to that of superman and the knowledge of a trained fighter and scientist.

3. The Costume


Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman dons the classic and easily recognizable red, white, and blue star-spangled skivvies and bustier, but this notorious costume’s long outdated and female fans have argued it’s the antithesis of crime-fighting. For the new costume, the bright and cheesy blue and red have been replaced with darker, more subtle shades of red and blue. Replacing the accident-prone bustier of the past with an armoured eagle-emblazed top—which more closely resembles costumes from the newer Wonder Woman comics—is more on par with the character’s roots.

All things said, as a huge fan of the character I’m happy to finally see some female representation in comic book/superhero films.