Director Patty Jenkins Says Wonder Woman 2 Is ‘A Totally Different Film’

Wonder Woman

Director Patty Jenkins had an excruciatingly long break between her first film (2003’s Monster) and her second (2017’s Wonder Woman). She found other ways to stay busy during those 14 years, but if that hiatus taught her anything, it’s that you need to make every film count. In other words, don’t expect Wonder Woman 2—which is scheduled to arrive a mere two years after its predecessor—to be a rehash of the 2017 blockbuster.

In a recent interview, Jenkins confirmed that she has some fresh ideas in mind for the sequel. “We’re actually making a totally different film with a lot of the same, similar like things that we love, but it’s its own movie completely,” she said. “It’s not ‘two’ to us. It’s an entirely new adventure together that we couldn’t be luckier [to do].”

Jenkins didn’t delve into any specifics, but she did acknowledge that Wonder Woman 2 could feature a cameo by Lynda Carter, the actress who brought the character to life on TV in the ’70s. “Lynda is one of the dearest people to us, has been a great mentor and dear friend,” she explained. “We actually desperately tried to get her in the first one and we had the scheduling that couldn’t work, so she’s always been a part of our Wonder Woman family. We won’t say anything yet, but we certainly… there’s no lack of trying.”

Wonder Woman 2 arrives in theatres on November 1, 2019. That leaves you plenty of time to revisit the original and its trailer, which you can find below.