Women Of Colour We Want To See Join The MCU

Last week, we learned that Jane the Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez would want to portray America Chavez aka Miss America on screen if given the chance. We’d completely support the casting choice if Marvel decided to go that way, (just like we’d support them making a Miss America movie in the first place) especially because Rodriguez is and always had been extremely outspoken about pushing for diverse representation in Hollywood.

That plus the news about Atlanta‘s Zazie Beetz being cast as Domino in the upcoming Deadpool 2 got us thinking about other female actors of colour that should become official members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was hard to narrow down, but here are just a few of our top picks.

Yara Shahidi as Ironheart

A group of MIT students recently produced a short, Riri-centric film to promote the university’s spring admissions period, and while MIT student Ayomide F. absolutely killed it as Ironheart (Tony Stark’s young female protege) we think that Black-ish‘s Yara Shahidi would shine in the role as well. The 17-year-old actress is the perfect age to play genius inventor Riri (who is an MIT student herself), and even though Zoey, Shahidi’s Black-ish character, is generally shallow and a little naive, we think she’d be able to pull off playing someone as smart and capable as Riri.

Seychelle Gabriel as Spider-Girl/Araña

Not to be confused with the other Spider-Girl (May Parker, the super-powered teenage daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson) Anya Corazon (also known as Araña) is a Puerto Rican-Mexican highschooler who possesses powers similar to Spider-Man’s (incredible strength, speed, and the ability to cling to walls and other surfaces, among others). Seychelle Gabrielle, who’s also appeared in Falling Skies and 2010’s (somewhat regrettable) The Last Airbender, knows what it’s like to take part in highly dramatic, action-filled projects, so we think she’d be perfect as Spider-Girl.

Arden Cho as Silk

Arden Cho proved how bad-ass she can be when she joined the cast of Teen Wolf as the katana-wileding kitsune Kira Yukimura, and we think she can be just as bad-ass as Silk aka Cindy Moon. Silk, like Spider-Girl, has powers that are similar to Spider-Man’s (since she was apparently bitten by the exact same spider that bit Peter) but believe it or not, her Spider-Sense is even stronger than his.

Amandla Stenberg as Xavin

Xavin might just be one of Marvel’s coolest heroes. A gender-fluid shape-shifter who appears in the Marvel Comics series Runaways, Xavin falls in love and forms a relationship with fellow Runaway Karolina Dean. As someone who identifies as non-binary and has proven herself to be a capable actress since introducing herself to the world as Rue in The Hunger Games, it would make complete sense to cast Amandla Stenberg in the role.

Freida Pinto as Timeslip

Problem: We need more Freida Pinto in our lives. Solution: Make a movie about Timeslip and have Pinto play the title character. Timeslip, otherwise known as Rina Patel, can travel to the past and the future as well as manipulate time in any way she pleases. Timeslip is one of very few South Asian superheroes, much less Marvel South Asian superheroes, and it’s been too long since Freida Pinto’s been in an action movie (yes, two years is too long).

Amanda Brugel as M

It’s about time we get some Canadian representation in this list! Amanda Brugel has appeared in basically every recent Canadian TV show you’ve ever heard of, including Orphan Black, Flashpoint, Kim’s Convenience, and Seed. She hasn’t had the chance to take on a starring role in a film or TV series yet, but we think Brugel would be the perfect fit for M or Monet St. Croix—a Muslim, Bosnian X-Men member who essentially has every superpower you can think of including the power of flight, telekinesis, and superhuman reflexes.

Alia Shawkat as Ms. Marvel

Marvel’s first Muslim protagonist is one of the publisher’s most progressive and most relatable characters ever (she’s a superhero fan girl herself, after all). So if a film version of Ms. Marvel is ever made, it’ll take someone who’s just as great as Kamala Khan to do her justice. Admittedly, 27 year-old Alia Shawkat may be a tad too old to play the high-school aged Kamala, but based on her recent stint as Dory on Search Party we know that she can convincingly play someone who’s on a mission and determined to set things right. Plus, Maeby Fünke was able to pull off playing older than her age, so there’s no reason to doubt Shawkat’s ability to do the opposite and convince us that she’s younger than she really is.