What’re You Listening To, Bub? First Glimpse At Marvel’s New Wolverine Podcast


From comics, to cartoons, to movies and cameos, Marvel’s Wolverine has appeared in almost every media form imaginable. This makes the most recent iteration of the ‘bub-slinging’ X-Men all that more exciting.

Marvel has released the official trailer to its first scripted podcast “Wolverine: The Long Night”, and it’s more amazing than we could have hoped. With an A-list cast including Richard Armitage (The Hobbit), Scott Adsit (30 Rock), Bob Balaban (Moonrise Kingdom) and Brian Stokes Mitchell (Mr. Robot), the podcast promises to be a fantastic addition to the X-Men universe. If you’re not used to podcast formats, than “Wolverine: The Long Night” is the perfect place for you to start.

The story follows agents Sally Pierce (Celia Keenan-Bolger) and Tad Marshall (Ato Essandoh) as they investigate a string of murders in an Alaskan town. As they arrive, they quickly discover that locals fear these murders are the work of a serial killer. The Agents team up with the town’s deputy Bobby Reid (Andrew Keenan-Bolger) as the investigation focuses in on their main suspect- Logan (Richard Armitage) himself. The search for answers promises to lead listeners on an adventure in a style never before used by Marvel.

The weekly podcast makes its debut on March 12, streaming on Stitcher Premium; check out the trailer below why March can’t come soon enough.