This Logan Photo Shows Wolverine In A Whole New Light

Logan is looking pretty haggard in the newest promo shot from Logan.

Though more colourful than previous promo shots, the new image retains the same grittiness that promises to a be a main theme in the new film. With a release date less than two months away, fans are eager for any footage of the newest Wolverine flick. This will be Hugh Jackman’s ninth (NINTH!) time playing the beloved X-Men mutant on the big screen—and it may very well be his last, though Jackman admitted he may consider returning to the claws for a Deadpool teamup.

With only one trailer released so far, plot details are still scarce but we know that this film will feature the return of Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier and will focus on an ageing and rundown Logan.

A few weeks back, 20th Century Fox held a special screening of the first 40 minutes of the film for a select number of journalists, and while viewers are on strict notice to not reveal too much about the plot, reviews from the preview where extremely positive.

The claws will come out when Logan hits the big screen March 3, 2017. Check out the trailer below: