Wizard Wars Recap: “Silly Rabbits”

wizard wars


This week’s Wizard Wars challengers included married couple Kyle and Misty Knight, as well as a pair of comedy magicians (Jarrett and Raja), who once performed for Michael Jackson. For the first round, they were given a cape, a set of luggage, and a rabbit.

Up first, the Knights staged an elaborate trick that involved a bunny eating a carrot in a box. If he finished the carrot, a heavy load of luggage would fall on Kyle, who was locked in a box of his own. Misty was cuffed, but right as she broke free, the luggage fell and crushed the box holding her husband.

While some in the audience looked genuinely shocked—Penn was especially impressed by the power and sound of this impact—Kyle was standing stage-side, bunny in hand.

Shortly after taking the stage, Jarrett revealed a bunny and a homemade cannon, promising not to bring these two items together. But when he approached the audience, looking for a watch, Raja quietly stuffed the bunny into the cannon.

After Jarrett placed the watch in the cannon and lit the fuse, he noticed that the bunny was missing from its transparent box… but it was too late. The cannon was fired, emitting a cloud of white fur.

Before you start mourning that bunny, it should be noted that this cuddly creature was later discovered inside the luggage—armed with the volunteer’s watch.

The judges found this routine a bit confusing, helping push their opponents through to take on Wizards Justin and Shimshi. In the second round, both teams focused on four kitchen items: a toaster, a blender, eggs, and a table set for two. The Knights came up with a very unconventional French toast recipe, filling a blender with bread, milk, unbroken eggs… and a ring belonging to Jason.

After this liquid was poured into a toaster, it emerged as two pieces of toast, decorated with the word “egg.” Upon breaking the last remaining egg, this duo’s volunteer found a message inside: “Try the egg behind the judges.” When Jason followed these instructions, he recovered his ring.

In a relatively similar trick, the Wizards borrowed an iPhone from an audience member, who went into shock when it was dropped in a blender.

Shimshi proceeded to consume the blender’s contents, an act that appeared to give him powers of levitation.

But before the volunteer could completely lose his mind, Justin retrieved his undamaged iPhone from a toaster.

To find out whose kitchen tricks made the strongest impression on the judges, watch this week’s episode.