Wizard Wars Recap: “Billy Bears All”

wizard wars


In this week’s episode of Wizard Wars, the first round pitted a UK/Canadian partnership against an American duo. Their three objects included a flying toy shark, a bubble maker, and a briefcase full of money.

Up first, Americans Justin Miller and Adam Wilber got a one-dollar bill from an audience member and tore off the corner. After turning on the bubble maker, they plucked one of these bubbles from the air and revealed the bill’s corner inside.

When Justin opened an empty briefcase, Adam used a flash of flame to fill the case with cash.

The team’s big trick involved a bowling ball and that flying toy shark. Annoyed by the shark, Justin was about to stab it with a pocketknife. When Adam discouraged this, he stabbed the bowling ball instead, making it burst like a balloon.

When they finally tore open the shark, the real bowling ball was discovered inside, a finale made a big impression on all three judges.

The team of Matt Johnson and Wes Barker focused on making money appear in unlikely places. After getting an audience member to sign a bill, it was folded up and placed in an envelope. When Wes managed to make a bubble turn into a light bulb, the folded bill was found inside.

They proceeded to make money appear in a fishbowl and the bubble maker box.

However, the moment that impressed Penn most wasn’t even an illusion. At one point in the act, Wes drank from a bottle of bubble solution and blew bubbles out of his mouth. As Penn explained, this is something Wes really did, not a trick.

This wasn’t enough to beat Justin and Adam, who took on wizards Billy Kidd and Gregory Wilson in the next round. The objects this time included a giant teddy bear, an old-fashioned alarm clock, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and some footie pajamas. Early in the challengers’ act, the teddy bear was on the ground and Adam kicked it, upsetting Justin.

Intentionally or not, this act derived much of its humour from the movie Ted, with Justin in the Mark Wahlberg role. Emphasizing this bear’s inanimate qualities, Justin operated him like a puppet and rapidly changed him into pajamas while behind a curtain.

However, the big reveal came at the end when the bear sat up and gave Justin a hug.

The wizards’ routine was relatively simple, but it featured some expertly executed trickery. Penn was especially impressed by their reinvention of the old paper balls over the head trick. In this trick, Gregory made it clear to the whole audience that he was throwing marshmallows to Billy, while one unsuspecting audience member thought they were disappearing.

Two audience members ended up with marshmallows: 10 and 15 respectively. When the wizards’ alarm clock went missing and started ringing, it was discovered near Teller’s feet. The time on its face? 10:15.

We won’t reveal the judges’ decision, but we can tell you that it wasn’t unanimous.

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