Wizard Wars Mid-Season Premiere Recap: “Fire And Mice”

wizard wars


After a four-month hiatus, Wizard Wars is back for more impressively inventive feats of magic. In this week’s episode, both teams of challengers were given three items to work with: a tennis racket and balls, tiki torches, and a mouse.

Bill Cook and David Shareef were the first duo to unveil their tricks, but that’s not all David unveiled. He also ripped off his pants.

This team made a strong impression when they borrowed a woman’s ring and made it appear in the middle of a tennis racket.

Penn was especially impressed late in this routine when a mouse emerged from one of the tiki torches… alongside the ring.

Greg Dow and Sean Scott made an even stronger impression when Sean made a bottle of tennis balls emerge from beneath his foot and allowed one of them to fall right through his tennis racket.

At one point, Greg appeared to feed a mouse to his partner, only to have it emerge from a tennis ball that he pushed through Sean’s chest.

Penn Jillette was understandably impressed, noting the duo’s abundance of beautifully executed new ideas—and this act’s resemblance to his own stage show. It was just what they needed to advance to the Wizard stage.

When it came time to take on the Wizards, Greg and Sean continued to impress, if not to quite the same extent. Given four beach props to work with, they lifted a surfboard from above (with one hand), turned a beach ball red, enjoyed a mouthful of dry ice, and plucked a volunteer’s initialed shell from another block of ice.

Wizards Shimshi and Billy were no less impressive. Relying heavily on foot-based trickery, Shimshi found a large shell inside one of his shoes. He also found a volunteer’s initialed shell tied to one of his shoelaces.

However, this duo’s two most impressive tricks involved more intricate teamwork. Using techniques of teleportation, Shimshi managed to reach across the room and retrieve Teller’s watch from his teammate.

In the show-stopping finale, Shimshi walked across a surfboard that seemed to be supported by nothing more than the strength of his teammate.

To find out who emerged victorious, watch the new episode of Wizard Wars.