Will Smith And Tom Hanks In Talks To Star In Tim Burton’s Live-Action Dumbo

Two top Hollywood actors are currently being eyed to to star in Tim Burton’s upcoming live adaptation of the 1941 Disney classic, Dumbo. It’s currently rumoured that Will Smith will be cast as the father of the children who befriend the floppy-eared circus elephant and Tom Hanks will play the film’s villain. Maybe he’ll look sort of like this?


A new Dumbo film fits right into Disney’s push to create more live-action remakes of the classic animated films in their catalogue, including last summer’s The Jungle Book, this years Beauty and the Beast, maybe next year’s The Lion King, and 2010’s Alice in Wonderland, which was also directed by Tim Burton.

No word yet on whether this film will be using live animals or taking a page from The Jungle Book and creating realistic CGI animals.


A live-action film about a flying elephant does seem a little bonkers, but with Tim Burton’s ability to make the weird and extraordinary believable, and with a cast as talented as this, we’re definitely willing to give it a shot.