Why Ant-Man Is The Best Superhero Dad Ever


WARNING: Spoilers From Marvel’s “Ant-Man” #1 Are Ahead!

Not only did this week bring us our first look at Marvel’s “Ant-Man” movie trailer, it also brought us an all-new “Ant-Man” comic book:

“Ant-Man” #1, written by Nick Spencer (“Superior Foes of Spider-Man”) and illustrated by Ramon Rosanas (“Night of the Living Deadpool”), is entry-level comics at its finest, telling new readers everything they need to know about small-time hero Scott Lang right here in the first issue.

For one, his size-changing powers are awesome…

…even if his jokes are not.

He’s also the most creative vomiter in comics, for what that’s worth.

But above all…

…he’s a great father.

Really, that’s the heart of the matter in “Ant-Man” #1. The debut issue has plenty of action and intrigue, as Scott shrinks and slinks his way through a series of tests designed to win a job working for Iron Man himself, Tony Stark. But it’s all in service of the central relationship between Scott and his daughter, Cassie Lang.

What Scott lacks in job security and a jaw-dropping superhero resumé, he makes up for in his interest in his daughter’s life, from her latest school gossip to her interests in pop culture.

He even catches movies at the best theater in town.

Late in the issue, Scott faces a difficult decision. Either he accepts a job working with Stark, or he moves to Florida to stay close to Cassie, despite protests from his estranged wife.

In the end, Scott chooses door number two, forgoing his shot at major league superheroics in order to move to Miami. Sure, his new apartment is an Iron Man playset…

…but he’s got the best TV in town.

So, that’s the kind of superhero book we can expect out of Marvel’s new “Ant-Man.” What Scott Lang lacks in a clearly defined direction as a crime-fighter and masked Avenger, he more than makes up for it with his heroism at home. For such a small guy, this new take on Ant-Man sure seems like a hero worth looking up to.