Who Will Die During ‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Finale?

It wouldn’t be a “Walking Dead” cliffhanger without some rolling heads.

The upcoming midseason five finale, “Coda,” certainly looks primed to continue that tradition, what with the Rick Grimes Gang lurking right outside Grady Memorial Hospital with a few hostages in tow — although at least one of those hostages has plans of his own. Inside Grady, two of our heroes are in dire straits as well, one of them in particular. And that’s not even accounting for everyone back at the church, on the road, and elsewhere.

So, who do we think is going to kick the bucket during the final “Walking Dead” of 2014? Here’s our take, looking at each of the five different storylines:

The Rick Grimes Gang

Rick’s not going anywhere. He’s our main man, our eyes and ears in the zombie apocalypse. It’s his boots on the ground, his hand wielding the red-handled machete — for now, at least. There could come a time when Rick Grimes no longer leads “The Walking Dead,” but don’t expect such a major paradigm shift to occur in the middle of the season. Rick is safe.

Likewise, Daryl Dixon wears the immunity necklace. He’s the fan-favorite character, the reigning king of Tumblr. “Walking Dead” without Norman Reedus is unfathomable at this point. Killing Daryl would send fans rioting in the streets; it’s a gutsy play, but not one that’s likely to play out, certainly not just yet. Daryl is also safe.

Perhaps we should be a bit more concerned for Sasha and Tyreese. Sasha’s had some bad luck lately, and while her storyline is just starting to get really interesting (anyone else seeing parallels between Sasha and Comic Book Andrea?), her luck could be about to run out. As for Tyreese, his reluctance to commit to the ruthlessness of the apocalypse almost cost him as recently as the season premiere. Could his tender heart cost him everything? If anyone in Rick’s group dies during the midseason finale, Tyreese is the likeliest bet, but we’re holding out hope.

(Oh, and Noah is totally going to die. Maybe not in the midseason finale, but certainly eventually.)

Grady Memorial Hospital

Let’s just put this out there:
All of the cops are going to die. Every single last one of those blue shirts is a red shirt, from Bad Cop Bob to Officer Dawn. That’s what happens when you go up against Rick Grimes. Doctor Steven Edwards, Beth’s new best friend, might make it out alive, but if Rick’s raid on Grady ends in bloodshed, Steven could easily become collateral damage as well.

What about Carol? She’s become one of the show’s strongest characters, but she’s in terrible physical condition after the car crash; the odds are against her.

Beth, meanwhile, deserves some form of reconciliation with Maggie before shuffling off to the great beyond. But deserve has very little to do with anything on “The Walking Dead.” Gun to our head, if we had to pick only one between the two of Carol and Beth, we think Beth is going to die.


Glenn, Rosita, Eugene, Abraham, Tara, Maggie — all of them are safe, for right this second. You can’t break up GREATM right after establishing GREATM. Just not fair.

Inside Father Gabriel’s Church

Right now, only Michonne, Carl and Baby Judith are inside the church. All safe. The show couldn’t kill Judith at the prison; it won’t do it now. Likewise, Michonne and Carl can’t die unless it’s a major event; there’s been no buildup to their deaths, so don’t expect it to happen.

Gabriel On The Road

Either a zombie is going to get him, or tetanus from that rusty nail will do the trick. Either way, Father Gabriel is a dead man walking. On the outside shot he makes it out of the episode alive, here’s hoping it’s because he found some help on the road in the form of this guy:

Who do you think will die during the “Walking Dead” midseason finale?