Where Is The Original Terminator Movie Cast Now?


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Terminator Genisys might be bringing Sarah Connor and the T-800 back to theaters this summer, but before Connor stole our hearts as bad-ass action heroine, the franchise first got its start with a little low-budget movie in 1984.


Now, over 30 years later, let’s return to the the iconic actors and actresses of the original Terminator movie to see what they’ve been up to since most of them got horribly murdered by a future robot:

Arnold Schwarzenegger (The T-800)


Remember when he was all “I’ll be back!” Well, he is. You know this already. Moving on.


Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor)


She might not be gunning down robots anymore, but Linda Hamilton’s been keeping extra busy to make up for it. In between Terminator films she starred alongside Ron Perlman in the Beauty and the Beast TV series for which she earned two Golden Globe nominations and one Emmy nomination. She’s also done lots of voice acting work, and played the estranged mother of Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) in Chuck, as well as Mary Louise Parker’s main marijuana supplier in Weeds. These days you can occasionally see her as Pilar McCawley on Defiance, which is currently in its third season on Syfy:


Michael Biehn (Kyle Reese)


Director James Cameron loved Biehn so much that he cast the actor in several other films, including Aliens and The Abyss (and Avatar, too, almost). Biehn’s also played a LOT of military officers and cops in other films too, including Michael Bay’s The Rock, and the Planet Terror section of Grindhouse. These days he mostly does straight to DVD releases, as well as video game voice work and some directing here and there.

Here he is at the Chiller Theatre Expo in 2014:


Paul Winfield (Lt. Ed Traxler)


After Terminator, Winfield went on to have many memorable roles in science fiction franchises, including the metaphor-speaking Tamarian captain from one of the most popular Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes of all time, “Darmok.” He also won an Emmy award for a brief guest appearance in the CBS show Picket Fences, and was the narrator of the show City Confidential until his death in 2004.

Here he is at the NAACP Theater Awards in 2001:


Lance Henriksen (Hal Vukovich)


Another favorite actor of James Cameron, Henricksen played the android Bishop in Aliens and Aliens 3, as well as the android’s creator Charles Bishop Weyland in Aliens 3 and Alien Vs. Predator. He also played Tarzan’s gorilla dad, Kerchak, in the 1999 Disney movie Tarzan, and had a brief cameo in Jennifer’s Body. His latest movie, Lake Eerie, was recently funded on Kickstarter.

Here he is at Motor City Comic Con a few months ago:


Earl Boen


Other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, Boen is the only actor to appear in all three of the first Terminator films. He had a recurring role in the Fox TV series Get A Life, and while he retired from film acting in 2003, he’s done a LOT of voice work, including all the introductions for the World Of Warcraft series and its expansions.

Bess Motta (Ginger Ventura)

Poor Sarah Connor’s roommate hasn’t done much since Terminator, aside from a few bit parts in the late ’80s. However, she keeps an active social media presence, appears at conventions and on podcasts, and just generally seems like an awesome person.

Rick Rossovich (Matt)


Ginger’s boyfriend went on to play Slider in Top Gun and Chris in the Steve Martin movie Roxanne. Most recently, he appeared in a 2007 episode of House Hunters International with his son.

Bill Paxton (Some Guy)


Fun fact: Bill Paxton is the only actor to be killed by an alien (in Aliens), a Predator (in Predator 2), and a Terminator, in Terminator. Oh, and an iceberg, too, if you count Titanic. He’s currently in the mini-series Texas Rising as Sam Houston, and will play famed former lawyer Jack Thompson in an upcoming TV movie about the Grand Theft Auto video games. Oh yeah, and remember when he was in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Here he is at the 5th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards late last month:


Terminator Genisys hits theaters July 1.