Here’s What’s Next For The Stars Of Star Wars

After owning one of the most groundbreaking roles in the entire Star Wars universe, of course John Boyega would want to make his next project something a little bit different—so he’s joined the cast of Nickelodeon UK’s first original series, Tinkershrimp & Dutch, as the voice of a time-traveling loris.

Per Deadline, Boyega’s next move is to voice the show’s title character Dutch, who is the sworn protector of the eccentric King Hunnybun along with his lobster BFF.

If that sounds weird to you, then… well, yes. Can confirm.

Meanwhile, John Boyega isn’t the only Force Awakens cast member who’s keeping busy between now and the release of Star Wars: Episode VIII in 2017. Here’s where you can find all the key players while you wait for the Millennium Falcon’s next landing.

Daisy Ridley


The bad news first: Daisy will be spending pretty much all of her time in a galaxy far, far away for the next few years, and hasn’t taken on any other project in the interim so far. So, for the foreseeable future, the best place to find her is on social media—or in the gym, since her role in Star Wars requires her to maintain a certain level of swole.

Adam Driver


The dark helmet of The Force Awakens is going to be a busy, busy man for the next few years. He’s starring as a Jesuit priest in Martin Scorsese’s Silence, working with Jim Jarmusch in Paterson, and appearing alongside some major stars in Midnight Special (due out this March.) Plus, he’s slated to keep popping up in Girls—possibly without a shirt on.

Domhnall Gleason


Domhnall has a couple projects in the works: he’ll star as an older woman’s naive young sidepiece in Crash Pad (out this year), and then get into the action game opposite Tom Cruise in 2017’s Mena. But if you’ve got an immediate jones for Star Wars’ ginger villain, you can also see him onscreen right now in The Revenant.

Gwendoline Christie


Gwendoline’s next big-screen outing looks to be the Absolutely Fabulous movie, due out this year, in which she’s got some kind of a cameo. But personally, we’re holding out for her spring 2016 return as the marvelous Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones (until or unless they kill her off, but George R.R. Martin, don’t you dare.)

Lupita Nyong’o


Next on Lupita’s plate: teaming with David Oyelowo in the chess drama Queen of Katwe, and giving voice to the mother wolf Raksha in The Jungle Book. And yes, she’ll also be back in a motion capture suit (and those cool-ass spectacles) for Episode VII.

Oscar Isaac


You can find Oscar on the big screen this year as one-third of a sexy love triangle in historical drama The Promise… and oh yeah, he’s got some sort of part in some little flick called X-Men: Apocalypse, whatever that is.

Carrie Fisher


Our Princess/General/Queen of the Universe doesn’t have any non-Star Wars projects on her plate right now, but you can always find her (and Gary) being fabulous on Twitter.

Harrison Ford


Star Wars isn’t the only franchise to have its hooks in Harrison; according to IMDb, he’s also set to show up in Denis Villeneuve‘s upcoming Blade Runner sequel and that rumoured fifth Indiana Jones movie, both of which are supposedly happening, somewhere, someday. But in the meantime, you can probably find him making curmudgeonly statements on late-night TV and/or making command appearances at various upcoming awards shows. Also: despite the outcome for Han Solo in The Force Awakens, Ford’s IMDb page does say that he’s appearing in the next Star Wars, so hmmmm.